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Falling in love may one of the greatest feelings ever. There is an actual chemical process that happens to a person who is falling in love. All of the senses have a greater intensity. Colors seem brighter, sounds more resonant and smells more powerful when you are in love. When you are with your lover there is no greater feeling in the world, and when you're not you spend all your time thinking of each other. Falling in love is truly an awesome feeling.

Poems About Falling in Love with Somebody


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  1. Why I Chose You

    Not Settling When It Comes To Love

    I've always underestimated myself,
    Always tried to humble myself,
    But when it came to true affection.
    Settling was out of the question

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    I started out trying to get a chance with a girl, but I couldn't get one. Then one day I found out a girl I liked also liked me. I kept caring for her.

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  3. Falling

    • By Samantha Woods
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About Falling For The Right Person

    I'm standing on the edge
    My toes hanging off the side
    The wind blows sweetly
    Rustling my hair

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    I don't know why, but this poem made me cry. I just love it.

  4. Stay Here

    • By Xavier G. Alaniz
    • Published: June 3, 2017

    Listen to my heart as it screams your name.
    Look into my eyes as you fix the pain.
    Kiss my lips and let's disappear.
    We can run away far from here.

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    This poem is short but so powerful. Absolutely loved it.

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  6. When Love Begins

    • By Florence
    • Published: August 2008


    I always knew that love would come find me someday
    but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way
    you caught me off guard and took me by surprise
    but you simply captivated me, the same way you do when I look into your eyes

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    Some words actually can't be expressed. They can just can be felt by a true lover only! But this poem is carrying all of those emotions actually! It really touched my heart. Well done!

  7. Feelings For You

    • By Heather
    • Published: January 2009

    Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you,
    Scared of these feelings because it's still new
    I catch myself thinking of the best way to share,
    Hoping you'll return my confession showing you care...

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    I just loved this poem. I currently like a girl, but she doesn't know yet. This should help a lot. Thank you so much.

  8. My Love

    • By Lily Hart
    • Published: August 2016
    Falling For You

    How do I describe
    My love for you?
    How can I explain
    That this is true?

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    Well, this is true. This poem is perfect. I love this guy, but I don't think he really loves me back. He is not my boyfriend, but I will always love him until he loves me back.

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  10. All I Need

    • By Asher C. Childress
    • Published: January 16, 2018
    Unconditional Love Poem For Girlfriend

    When I first saw you,
    I saw perfection.

    When I got to know you,

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  11. If Only She Knew

    • By Kiara Wilson
    • Published: July 2012

    She has her own special way
    Of turning around my terrible day
    She makes all the bad things go away
    The second that she says hey

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    Well, that's a sweet poem. It makes me think about someone I know I love so much. It makes me have the feeling I'm ready for the next step...

  12. Somewhere I Have Never Travelled, Gladly Beyond

    somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
    any experience, your eyes have their silence:
    in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
    or which i cannot touch because they are too near

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    This poem is the one that did it! I read this along with my class, in seventh grade, and was forever inspired by the way Cummings uses words to create this picture of love and roses. He uses...

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  13. Secret Admirer

    • By Mandy
    • Published: July 2009

    I've never been the type to say what I feel
    So basically I keep everything inside
    And with you it was no different
    I want to tell you, believe me I've tried...

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    I totally can relate to this poem. I actually have this guy that I've liked for some time (maybe around 4 months already) and almost everyone from my class knows. We aren't that close, but we...

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