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    Poems by Reilly Gandell

  • If You Had Never Come

    • Published: January 2014
    Poem About The Joys Of Friendship

    in Friendship Poems by Teens

    If you had never come, I'd have never learned to laugh.
    My sandwiches would still be whole, and never cut in half.
    My voice would have never changed to high, or low.
    You would love my favorite band, and I would never know.


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    Sometimes some feelings and moments cannot be expressed. But your poem has expressed all your love, care, moments in just 4 stanzas. Really true.

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  • String And Ribbon

    • Published: September 2008
    Poem About Love For A Cat

    in Animal Poems

    Thump. thump. thump.
    Her tail gently lifts up, and then falls back to earth.
    She lies, curled in a ball by the window.
    The sun shines down on her lustrous black coat.


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  • Loving You Forever

    • Published: September 2008
    The Sun Is Slowly Setting

    in Love Poems by Teens

    The sun is slowly setting.
    The sunset is magnificent with the different shades of pink and red spread across the sky.
    I touch your cheek and notice just how pale it really is.
    The sun is slowly setting.


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    This poem could have so many meanings. Personally, it describes what is happening in my life right now. In four days, my crush will know that I like him and your poem has inspired me to make...

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