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    Poems by Sarah Jane E. Conklin

  • A Path To Somewhere

    • Published: January 1, 2024

    in Inspirational Poems

    Along a path, there was a bush,
    That grew in marshy ground.
    Its branches thick and laden down,
    With berries big and round.


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  • Come Closer, Look Again

    I'm an artist and writer living in Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada. I enjoy writing poems for all ages that evoke emotions and imagery. For more insight, please visit my website:

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    • Posted on 11/12/20

    in Environment Poems

    Smaller than a dinosaur,
    But bigger than a bear,
    A boulder's tucked back in the woods,
    Forever, it's been there.

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  • My Heart Says Goodnight

    • Published: November 2020

    in Poems for Kids

    As I lay in bed
    While I go to sleep,
    My thoughts start to swirl 'round my head.
    To quiet my mind, I try to unwind,


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