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Relaxation When Going To Sleep

"My Heart Says Goodnight" is a bedtime poem for getting to sleep. Going to bed and getting to sleep can cause stress and anxiety in many of us, young and old. When I was a child, I remember my anxieties when trying to get to sleep, knowing I would have to wake up early for school the next day. Am I the only one still awake in the world? "My Heart Says Goodnight" is a meditation for relaxation for children of all ages.

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My Heart Says Goodnight

© more by Sarah Jane E. Conklin

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020 with permission of the Author.

As I lay in bed
While I go to sleep,
My thoughts start to swirl 'round my head.
To quiet my mind, I try to unwind,
Take comfort in my little bed.

Goodnight to my eyes,
I flutter them closed.
The wonders that they help me see,
The sun and the stars, I think I've seen Mars,
The dance of the wild honey bee.

Goodnight to my ears,
I tune out the sounds.
The wonders that they help me hear,
Like haunting loon calls and thunderous falls,
The crunch from a family of deer.

Goodnight to my nose,
I breathe in the air.
The wondrous scents I can smell,
Baked bread, and earth's dirt, my dad's favourite shirt,
Inside of a seaside seashell.

Goodnight to my mouth,
My lips barely touch.
The wonderful things it can do,
Like taste juicy fruit and play on my flute,
And utter the words, "I love you."

Goodnight to my arms,
They lay by my side.
The wonders that they help me hold,
My books and my cat, who wouldn't love that,
My mom when I'm shivering cold.

Goodnight to my hands,
My palms face the sky.
The wonders that they help me feel,
There's velvet and lace, my grandmothers face,
My orange's rough and smooth peel.

Goodnight to my legs,
I try to keep still.
The wondrous places we've walked,
On pathways and shores and all the outdoors,
Where mountains and canyons have talked.

Goodnight to my feet,
My toes tingle too.
The wonderful balance they bring.
They help me climb rocks, I wear fancy socks,
I twirl on my toes when I sing.

Goodnight to my heart,
It rises and falls.
My wondrous life hears its call.
It gives and receives, it heals and believes,
There's plenty of
For us all.


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