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    Poems by Sopheap Cabaniss

  • Reflections

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    • Posted on 02/13/18
    Reflecting On The Secret Held From Within The Home

    in Moving On Poems

    It is calm and serene, to no other this is my scene.
    The water is calm, the wind is slight, To see the birds fly out of sight.
    The fish are swimming, the ducks are playing to my delight.

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  • No More Than Friends

    • Published: February 2013

    in Just Friends Poems

    It is so quick how we forget
    The very first time we met.
    My heart skipped a few beats
    As I tried to catch my breath.


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    I have no story.I just love to read poems about friendship. I hope you will not take this against me. That I do not know how to construct poems.

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  • Always Be

    • Published: May 2012
    Where Can I Find Love Poem

    in Moving On Poems

    We've connected through times of joy
    Even through times of pain
    I can see right through your show and
    Unfortunately, I have to let you know


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