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I am a simple girl with simple thoughts, but on occasion, something will flow through. With those simple thoughts, I've always had complex feelings and emotions. It's always been hard for me to reveal my true self, unless I put it in writing. Everyone has that one person they wish they could express all of their feelings to but can't for some reason or another. These feelings can be hard to express. This one goes out to the one that got away...

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Always Be

© more by Sopheap Sam

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012 with permission of the Author.

We've connected through times of joy
Even through times of pain
I can see right through your show and
Unfortunately, I have to let you know
That you are the one for me
You have and will always be

I've seen the way you look at me
And although I may turn with chagrin
I'll never be able to show you
Just the way I feel
I know that one day I will be free
From this feeling of regret and sorrow
But for now, all I have to say is

My life will move on today
With or without you...will you stay
If I beg you, don't leave
Will you still be there for me
And if I should choose to let you see
You have and will always be
The only one for me

Someday down the line
Maybe one day I'll let you in
It's been the hardest thing for me
To feel this way and pretend
But maybe one day if there's a chance
You'll see exactly what I saw
That I am the one you need
For now, I just want to be free


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