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  • I Cry

    • Published: March 2008

    in I Miss You Poems

    I'm sitting on the porch,
    Wind blowing through my hair.
    The ducks are frolicking in the pond,
    But I just can't seem to care.

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    Wow, this poem is how I end almost every letter to my husband. They took him the beginning of summer also. Our daughter was 6 months old, and today she turned 1 year, and he missed it. I cry...

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  • For Love's Sake

    • Published: October 2007

    in I Miss You Poems

    I'm so tired of this empty feeling.
    I'm so tired of being alone.
    I lay here staring at the ceiling,
    Waiting by the phone.

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    My crush is super shy and two years older than me. What should I do? Should I approach him or what?

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