I Miss You Poem

This was written to my boyfriend in jail. It was my first attempt at poetry, and my emotions just overflowed.

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My crush is super shy and two years older than me. What should I do? Should I approach him or what?

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For Love's Sake


Published: October 2007

I'm so tired of this empty feeling.
I'm so tired of being alone.
I lay here staring at the ceiling,
Waiting by the phone.

I jump when the phone rings.
It brings a smile to my face.
When he hangs up my heart stings,
And I sink back into my lonely place.

I wish and I dream
That we'll be together soon.
I can't wait until we can look up hand in hand
At the stars and at the moon.

I yearn for his kisses
His touch - His embrace.
I can't wait for Thursdays
When I get to see his face.

I'm flooded with thoughts of him
In my heart, soul, and mind.
I imagine his touch,
So gentle and kind.

I try not to weep.
I hope he doesn't hear my cries,
But I can't stop the tears
Falling from my eyes.

I cry a thousand tears
And think - how much more can I take?
But in my heart I know I'd wait a thousand years
All for love's sake.

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  • by Mariko K.
  • 5 years ago

My crush is super shy and two years older than me. What should I do? Should I approach him or what?

  • by Calyn
  • 6 years ago

This poem is amazing! It explains this relationship between my friend and I that I really like. I came to tears because this is how everything is happening. I want him so bad but he doesn't want me and no matter how hard I try I will always love him no matter what! Thanks for the poem!

  • by Sonia
  • 10 years ago

Right when I read this poem my eyes filled like an over flowing sea. It's ironic because Thursday is the only day I get to see mine too. He will be incarcerated for the next few years, but my love is so strong for him. We have two kids together that mean the world to me. He's someone I will never replace. I love you C.H. forever!!!

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