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We All Need A Helping Hand

This is a true story. It took place a few years ago. To this day, I can still see the little struggling bird who was drowning. The whole event brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of how we are all connected in this world and how very important it is to lend a helping hand when needed. The poem is told in my simple and untrained poetic form. I thank you for reading it.

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The Struggling Swallow

© more by Susan Vidd

Published by Family Friend Poems May 8, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Under a dock over the sea
Nestled between a lake of debris,
The young swallow spreads out its coat
In desperation to stay afloat.

With concern I am asked to intercede;
To paddle my small craft among the reed
To attempt to reach the struggling bird.
I observe intently but utter no word.

Any attempt might be perilous;
To risk my craft simply careless.
I fear my attempts would be futile.
I weigh my options and wait a while.

I continued on my impromptu way
My plans to simply enjoy the day.
But I was blinded and could only see
The young swallow struggling not far from me.

Two hours had passed and I returned.
A small crowd had gathered and I quickly learned,
The little creature still afloat
But less active now as I untied my boat.

"Such a brave little bird"
Among the crowd was the word.
I believe I will give it a go
Into my boat, centering myself, crouching lower than low;

I was able to drift beneath the dock
Could get no closer blocked by a rock
About to give up before I hit sand
With drenched wings and determination he swam to my hand.

Under different circumstances he would move away
But the little swallow knew that I lay ---
Lay my hand down for him to retreat
To cheat death at that moment; the odds to be beat.

He was cold and tired in a weakened state;
Too vulnerable to be left there at any rate.
I swaddled him in my sweater's warm pocket
Close to my heart and my golden locket.

Together we traveled across the bay
Trying to capture the warmth of the ray.
Five miles we journeyed to the distant shore
Where my meager cottage could offer him more.

I placed him in a makeshift cage
While I searched for some food for him to engage.
Welcomed rest, warmth, security, food,
Was all that he needed to lighten his mood.

I picked him up and we looked eye to eye
"It's so nice to meet you my brave little guy."
Within two hours he seemed to recover;
From my hands he flew not bothering to hover.

I will never forget how he struggled to reach me;
An unnatural act of instinct to teach me
When events are dire and one holds out a hand,
Creature to creature we are all of one band.



First and foremost, Susan has no degree in writing. You might have noticed her poems are rather simple and silly or not written in the correct format. She just enjoys writing. Susan is a retired female firefighter and paramedic. Her most important job is revealed at the end of her poem "My ordinary Life." She has created 150 cartoons...

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