Husband Death Poems

Loss of Husband Poems

Husbands are, for many wives, their source of comfort, love, joy, and companionship. Many wives consider their husband to be their confidant and best friend. To lose the man they have relied on for so long can be utterly devastating. For those who have not experienced the loss of a husband, it is impossible to understand the depth of the pain a wife feels. It is a pain so deep, the human mind only comes to accept the harsh reality gradually. Widows and her supportive friends and family can honor their loved one by recounting a kind gesture or amusing stories involving him.

Poems Paying Tribute to the Passing of Husbands


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  1. Moving Forward

    Poem About Moving On After Husband's Death

    I woke up this morning
    And reached over for you.
    You weren't there, I remembered
    Now what will I do?

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  3. Missing You

    I sit alone now in the darkness of despair.
    I cry my silent tears,
    My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces.
    The silence is deafening to my ears.

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  4. Where Are You?

    • By Grace A. Mandry
    • Published: January 29, 2017

    Why has He taken you from me?
    Torn from my side, where you should be.
    Forty-six years we lived as one
    To stand stronger than we had begun.

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  6. My Lost Love

    • By Anne Spiller
    • Published: February 2010
    Mourning A Spouse's Death Poem

    I have only just lost you the pain is hard to bear
    Do I have to go through life knowing you're not there
    please some one explain to me why he had to go
    are there any reasons I really need to know...

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  7. Live Our Dreams

    • By Nicolene Jansen Van Vuuren
    • Published: May 2011
    Message From Husband From Heaven

    Staring at the little dots in the sky
    Wondering which one is you
    Asking the same question, why?
    Only answer I know is that you knew.

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  8. Never Alone, A Father And Husbands Protection

    • By Jason Deline
    • Published: February 2006

    When I looked out over the patio tonight I noticed a single star,
    With fog so dense you couldn't see the moon, I knew it could only be you.

    I stared at you for a while hoping for a reason,...

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  10. Our Life

    • By Rikki Fuchs
    • Published: June 2008
    Death Of Beloved Husband

    The gas station was my first sight,
    my heart skipped some beats that night.

    I knew I'd talk to him face to face,...

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  11. Nevermore

    • By Cindi
    • Published: August 2010
    Poem to Passed Away Husband

    will I see your smiling face,
    will I feel your strong firm embrace.
    will I wish upon the starry skies,...

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  12. Is Anybody Listening?

    • By Lisa Miller
    • Published: March 2008
    After Death Of Husband Poem

    Alone with the raging in my soul,
    I know not where to turn.
    I have opened up to some,
    But this raging makes me burn....

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  13. Love Forever Lost

    Like A ghost I flitter through the night,
    keeping to the shadows and abhorring the light.

    The night camouflages and no one can see ...

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