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    Poems by Tennicee Reynolds

  • Watch Me Rise

    I wrote this poem because my mom wants me to be a girly-girl (not that that's wrong). I realized that my voice was changing into squeaky high-pitch peppiness and I didn't like that. I found out that I actually enjoy being an outcast and that I didn't really care how everybody saw me. So this poem is sort of about confidence mixed with changing back and going against all the pops (popular people). So I hope this helps you realize who you want to be and how YOU want to live your teen/adulthood. :)

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    • Posted on 07/16/13

    in Poems about Teen Life

    I don't believe myself
    I'm freaking out
    Becoming something I despise

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  • Your Guardian Angel

    I wrote this because I have helped many people through their problems. This poem is for the people I might not meet; I want them to know their not alone. That other people have gone and are going through the same pains they are. I also want them to know that whoever they believe in; is always there for them and will help them through the pain and wrong.

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    • Posted on 06/16/13

    in Poems about Teen Life

    Trust me, for I love you
    Stay here with me, for I have been there when you didn't know what to do
    Dry my tears, for I have kissed yours away thousands of times
    Please listen to my words, for they will answer your cries...

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  • My Secret About You

    • Published: June 2013

    in Teen Crush Poems

    Yeah, everybody has a secret.
    I have one, too.
    Most of my friends know,
    But what about you?


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    You seem like a nice person, and whoever that guy is is not worth it, so I just suggest that you move on. I know it's hard because this is no longer a crush, but you've fallen hard for him....

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  • Confused By Loving You

    • Published: November 2015

    in Heartbreak Poems by Teens

    I wish we could be,
    But I can hardly breathe.
    How do I face the day
    When my happiness always gets swept away?


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