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Rayna Palacios

About Rayna Palacios

A young girl fell in love with poetry. She would write and publish her own poetry later on in life. However as a eight years old poet she would write about being a survivor of abuse, neglect, and the foster system. Expressing her pain and telling her life's story the best way she knew how. This is the poetry of Rayna Renee Palacios. Engaged to her best friend and love, she is a mother of four, a full time student, a poet, and a productive member of society. Rayna has the privilege of raising her older sister's three children and she has one of her own. Rayna enjoys life and is a "nature girl." She decided to utilize a wonderful opportunity here to get some of her poems read and to hopefully be able to help others who might relate. (Credited: familyfriendpoems.com) (please check out more poetry from this poet in link below)

    Poems by Rayna Palacios

  • Love Is Key

    This is a nice poem of never taking lovely for granted and to show it before its to late. After all "Love Is Key."

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    • Posted 1 day ago

    in Sweet Love Poems

    As time speeds up
    We tends to slow down,

    We observe our transformation

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  • Waiting...

    • Published: May 29, 2023

    in Short Sad Poems

    Waiting for you to call...
    Knowing that you won't...
    Hoping for you to come by...

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  • Lost In Time

    • Published: July 13, 2021

    in Alone Poems

    There are people all around me,
    Yet I can't help but feel alone.
    And although he says he loves me,
    He no longer lets it show.

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