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    Poems by Tiffany Goatz

  • Which Of Me?

    • Published: July 2008
    Why Do You Love Me Poem

    in Poems about Teens

    What could you possibly see when you sit there and stare back at me?
    The porcelain mask that's painted perfectly,
    or what's truly underneath?
    Do you see the costume of my sweet serenity, ...


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    I'm all alone in a room that's dark,
    fighting the urge to add another mark,
    My tears are flowing my thoughts collide, and the end result I'll have to hide.

    I'm battered and bruised and...

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  • Just To Feel

    • Published: October 2012

    in Poems about Teens

    I tear apart often just to feel;
    to feel the pain that should be real.
    When deep in the darkness my heart still sees;
    all the things I will never be....


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