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    Poems by Zorian Alexis

  • Forever In My Heart

    My elderly dog recently passed away. She had been dealing with chronic medical issues so I knew our days were numbered. I wrote this for her.

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    • Posted on 07/29/20

    in In Memory Poems

    I've known this day was coming. I've known it for a while.
    There's nothing I can do to stop it. So, I'll just try to fake a smile.

    I don't want her to see me worry. I don't want her to feel my pain.

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  • Diabolical

    • Published: April 2020

    in Humorous Poems

    After hours of extensive research
    And following many a clue,
    I've finally discovered the source
    Of the new pandemic flu.


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  • Sunrise

    • Published: April 2020

    in Faith Poems

    A new day is beginning.
    Burnt orange hues
    Color the distant skies.
    Dew drops, a glistening symphony


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  • I'm My Own Best Friend

    • Published: January 2020

    in Poems about Life Struggles

    I'm good enough;
    I don't care what you say.
    I'm proud of what
    I accomplished today.


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    Wow! I absolutely, 100%, love this! I think this would be a good lesson for everyone to learn. People shouldn't just rely on others to compliment them, and just because somebody thinks...

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  • Best Birthday Ever!

    • Published: August 2019

    in Animal Poems for Kids

    "Amazing!" was all I could say
    Because I finally got my puppy today.
    Chocolate brown with soulful eyes,
    Definitely the perfect birthday surprise.


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