Grandfather Death Poem

For My Father In Law

Dealing with the death of a grandfather through the eyes of a young grandchild. This was written for my father in law who idolized his grandson, when he died he was buried with a teddy bear given by his grandson and a box of his favorite sweets. The day after he died his young grandson was taken to see his nana and couldn't understand why his granddad was no longer there. I do hope you like it. Dennis Taylor (Worcester UK )

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There was so much about my Grandfather that got revealed to me once I …

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© Dennis Taylor

Published: Jan 2008

A Poem For My Granddad

Hello there Granddad, It's me, your little man,
I couldn't find you yesterday,
When I came to visit Nan.

She says you've only left the room,
You haven't gone away.
But I really miss you Granddad
And the games we used to play.

She says you have my teddy,
He'll keep you safe from harm.
If the going gets hard, just squeeze his hand
And he will keep you calm.

You've also got some sweeties,
Isn't Nana kind,
I may have stolen one or two
But I knew you wouldn't mind.

And now that you're not here Granddad
I'll give double hugs to Nan,
Goodnight, God bless you Granddad
From your loving 'little man'


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  • by Christopher Handfield, NY
  • 5/23/2014

There was so much about my Grandfather that got revealed to me once I joined the Marine Corps. Like the fact he was one of the first Black Drill Instructors on Parris Island or the fact he got recruited to be a detective right out of the NYPD police academy. I squandered so many years where I could have been so much more appreciative so I really clamped down these last couple of years. I noticed that somehow against all of my rebelling I ended up following right in his shoes. I was my families generational version of him. My Grandmother his wife passed away in 2010 and when I say that the only person I could lean on was him you would have swore he was right next to me every day. The last words he said to me the last time we spoke was "Son I know I never say it, and I'm going to work on saying it more often because you need to hear it. I'm so proud of you". Those words resonate throughout my person every day but there is one truth I think everyone will agree with: The pain is unbearable.


  • by Catherin Ruskin, Fl
  • Nov 2012

This made me cry. This is the truth about my son and dad. He's passed two years ago and he called my son his lil man his first and only grandson. When my dad passed and we got to NY he asked my step mom who he calls nana where papa was and she said sleeping.


  • by Kaylen, Seattle
  • Sep 2012

I read the very first line of this poem and it made me cry. My 3 month old son only knew his Great-grandpa "Pawpaw" for a short amount of time, but I cherish every moment I saw them spend together. Thank you for your beautiful poem! :)


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