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My name is Joe.. My grandfather was the most influential people in my life I am the man I am today because of my grandfather. Sadly he lost his life to cancer October 10th 2008. I will always remember him. I love You Pop

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© Joe Bernhard

Published on November 2010


I miss you
You were a very special person to me
You were
A Father
A Friend
A Hero
I miss you more and more as the days go on
I know you watched over me all these days

I remember everything we did together grandfather
The sleepovers
The movies
The poker
The darts
I remember you the most in all my memories

I loved being around you
You told me not to cry
But its hard not to tear here and there when I think of you
I miss being around you

I'll Keep you in my heart for every
All I got now are memories and pictures of my
I will always remember you grandfather


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