Goodbye Love Poem

An Explosive End To A Relationship

I wrote this poem after my boyfriend of 23 years and I had a huge fight, which revealed that our time was soon over. I felt sad knowing it was inevitable and knew that it was just a matter of time. Shortly after the fight we decided to end our time as a couple but have remained friends so far. It has been almost a year since we made that painful decision, but we realized then and now that we needed to live in separate dwellings and are happier by doing so.

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The Bomb

© more by Marie Matheny

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2018 with permission of the author.

Tick tock
The bomb went off
It hit hard
It cut deep
It woke me from
A peaceful sleep
It erupted fast
It made me weep
It hit me hard
It cut me deep

The anger smoldered
It simmered
It stewed
Both of us waited
Both of us knew
Bits of our hearts
Broke off and died

We tried to ignore it
We pushed it aside

We finally talked
About the explosion
You said you still love me
There was no emotion
You said I'm your best friend
So we'll try once again
Until we finally give in
Admit we can't live in
This world we've created
That keeps us both mad
Keeps us frustrated

Just watching and waiting
with sad trepidation

Til the next bomb goes off
tick tock… tick tock….



I've been writing poems most of my life and usually I feel I write my favorite ones from sad times that I have suffered. It is then that I pour my heart and soul into it. I feel much better afterwards as if I've purged and whenever I go back later and reread my heartaches and heartbreaks I know I got it right if those old feelings come back....

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