Heartbreak Poems

Heartbreak Poems

Healing Poems for Heartbreak

When your heart is broken it is the saddest thing in the world. All your energy leaves you and everything in your life seems to lose all meaning. You gave your heart and soul to this love, and now it is no more. How can your heart ever be whole again? There is a very deep thought attributed the Mystical Rabbi of Kotzk, "there is nothing as whole as a broken heart". Although a broken heart is painful, it brings a person to turn to God. He realizes that he is ultimately alone in the world except for God who is always there to comfort him.

56 Devastating Poems about Heartbreak

  1. 1. What's Next?

    • By Amanda
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    I am going through a rough time in a 3-year relationship. We're arguing all the time. He'll leave and come back, but I can't get the anger out. The pain goes much deeper than what this poem is about.

    Poem About A Rough Time In A Relationship

    I lie awake tonight,
    Wishing of things I can change.
    I try to convince myself,
    But it's all so strange.

    Is it me,
    Or is it you?
    Do I try,
    Or are we through?

    So long we've shared
    Just to walk away.
    But so much hurt
    To want to stay.

    Why do we do this,
    Try to hurt the other more,
    Only to watch one
    Walk right out the door?

    I love you so much,
    Yet I push you to the point of breaking,
    But why do you play with my heart
    And never stop taking?

    Is this the end
    Or a new beginning?
    Only one can guide me
    When my head is spinning.

    Don't push,
    Don't try,
    Don't stress,
    Don't cry.

    That is what plays
    Over in my head
    As I try to close my eyes
    And just go to bed.

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    Latest Shared Story

    That has so much truth: I think we all do that at times and our companions get used to it. But sometimes we push too hard and push them away. But with true love comes an unbelievable force...

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  3. 2. The Siren

    • By YoungPoet
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    My girlfriend of a long time realized that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend... She was wishing that I was him, and she couldn't do it anymore, so she left me to be with him...I was heartbroken and I still am...a friend told me that I should continue writing to ease the pain and help me get though it, so this is what I wrote.

    Girlfriend Still Loves Ex-Boyfriend

    He wrote her a song, but it never got finished
    They both fell in love, but it was soon diminished
    She sits on his bed and cries in his lap
    He cries back at her, knowing they can't go back.

    Hours go by and neither one can accept
    That by letting go they are doing what's best
    At the end of the day, comes the part which he fears
    To let her go without shedding a tear

    Never again will he kiss her goodbye
    And just that thought makes him start to cry
    Now he'll finish that song, and he'll write it today
    This is the start and here's what it says

    "You are my siren, you drew me in
    With a voice like an angel and the softest skin
    Your eyes shine like diamonds and your smile melts my heart
    I know that nothing could tear us apart"

    That's what he wrote and let me just say
    That he'd never do anything to throw that away
    But that's not how it works; this world's bitter and harsh
    And then something happened, which drew them apart

    An old boyfriend showed up and that's when he knew
    That her feelings for him were not shiny and new
    This person left her and crushed her heart
    But she had loved him since the very start.

    When our boy came along she saw a way
    To end her pain and make it all go away
    But by loving this person through thick and through thin
    She looked at our boy and wished it was him

    Now this is where the second verse starts
    It's about how she seemed to break his heart
    He found out her feelings, it went straight to his head
    So he carried on writing and here's what he said

    "You make me smile when no one else can
    It just makes me happy to be your man
    But it hurts me deeply that you long for his heart
    I thought we would last, but this breaks us apart"

    He sat in his room and just wished he
    Could be just like her ex so that they could be
    But as long as he was there they could never be true
    So he'd sit in his room feeling sad and blue

    Now comes the part where she's crying in his lap
    They both just decided to never go back
    The pain is immense but it's saving his heart
    Because staying with her would rip him apart

    Here's where he decides to finish the song
    The story of how it all went wrong
    He starts the last verse with tears dripping off his nose
    The papers all wet but here's how it goes.

    "You were my siren, you drew me in
    You taught me to love and you taught me to sin
    I never thought you could break my heart
    But I guess we were wrong right from the start"

    "You were my siren, now I'm dead at sea
    You drew me in, but you didn't want me
    I just wish I knew where it all went wrong
    But now another lost sailor can hear your song"

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    This is absolutely unique and astonishing. I've never had a boyfriend myself, but there was someone who came very close. We were best friends, doing everything together and having the time of...

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  5. 3. Mad Girl's Love Song

    Many of Sylvia Plath's poems have a theme of unrequited love, and this one is no different. She wrote this poem while she was a twenty-year-old student at Smith College. It has that very natural and relatable element of someone that age looking for love. The speaker is addressing a former lover, wishing he would return to her. Plath writes with a lot of emotion, making it clear how it feels to be rejected while still longing for someone to return feelings of love. She uses personification to give the stars and darkness human characteristics. This poem also utilizes the poetic technique of repetition.

    "I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
    I lift my lids and all is born again.
    (I think I made you up inside my head.)

    The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
    And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
    I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

    I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
    And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
    (I think I made you up inside my head.)

    God topples from the sky, hell's fires fade:
    Exit seraphim and Satan's men:
    I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

    I fancied you'd return the way you said,
    But I grow old and I forget your name.
    (I think I made you up inside my head.)

    I should have loved a thunderbird instead;
    At least when spring comes they roar back again.
    I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.
    (I think I made you up inside my head.)"

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  6. 4. He'll Never Know

    • By Jennifer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2009

    About a girl who wanted a man to love her like she loved him.

    How Can I Forget Him Poem

    I want to run, I want to hide
    From all the pain he caused inside.
    I want to scream, I want to cry.
    Why can't I tell him goodbye?

    I want to move on; I just can't let go.
    I love him more than he will ever know.
    I want to start over, I want to feel free!
    But this pain will never leave me be.

    He hurt me bad; the pain is deep
    From all the promises he couldn't keep.
    All the lies I heard him say
    Are in my head and just won't fade.

    How can I forget him, leave him behind?
    Erase the memories from my mind?
    He doesn't love me, and he never will.
    He will never care how I feel.

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    Hey Hannah. I have felt like you before. You can fall for someone so completely and they could never feel the same. Just focus on what makes you feel happy. One day you will see he won't even...

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  7. 5. I Tried So Hard

    • By Whitney Barton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2009

    I wrote this March 29, 2009. I was in a good relationship and nothing was wrong at the time, but the poem just kind of struck me. I liked the idea, so I wrote it out. Now I am no longer with this guy and am now in a relationship with a guy from my school, and we are doing very well.

    I tried so hard.
    I tried my best.
    I gave you my all,
    And now there's nothing left.

    You stole my heart
    Then tore it in two.
    Now I'm falling apart
    And don't know what to do.

    Divided by decisions,
    Burned by the fire,
    Confused by your words,
    Tempted by desire.

    I'm living in the present.
    My mind is on the past.
    Not knowing what I'll lose,
    Not knowing what will last.

    Blinded by fear,
    Drowning in doubt,
    Struggling to be free,
    Looking for a way out.

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    He was my first love We started dating while I was in high school. He was at university. We were so much in love, promising each other that we would be together forever. He taught me how to...

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  8. 6. Ode To You

    • By Carl Sinclair
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015

    For anyone wishing they hadn't left.

    Poem Wishing To Be Yours Again

    Every morning I see your face,
    And for that fleeting second I'm in a different place,
    A place where we smiled, laughed, and talked,
    A place where we could hold hands wherever we walked,
    I'm reminded of this each and every day.
    Then the sleep clears and it's all blown away.

    Realization sets in and I'm all alone.
    I quickly have to check my phone
    In case you've called or sent me a text.
    Then it hits harder as what come next
    Is the empty screen with your smiling face
    And the emptiness of this forsaken place.

    I wither up inside as all my hopes disappear
    And the burn in my heart really starts to sear.
    I sink back in my bed and think of you
    And wonder if there's anything I can do.
    I'm knocked back every time I try to get through,
    And now the decision is up to you.

    Leave me out here in the cold and the rain,
    Leave me to choke on the tears and the pain,
    Missing you every minute of every day,
    Loving you more and more in my way.
    One day, my love, this will all be like a dream.
    I just hope we can dream it together in our place so serene.

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    There was a boy. We were on our way to 5 months and then all of a sudden, he liked another girl. It turned out she liked him too. I wanted to be supportive. I stepped down and let them be...

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  9. 7. A Broken Heart

    • By Jenna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    I am lost without you.

    How Do I Mend A Broken Heart?

    How do I mend a broken heart?
    My entire world has fallen apart.
    How do I find hope in a brand new day,
    when the one I love has gone away?
    My mind overflows with memories of you,
    of all that we've shared, all that we knew.
    I long for your touch and your warm embrace,
    the look in your eyes, the smile on your face.
    My dreams are filled with your soft gentle kiss.
    I wake and cry for all that I miss.
    How do I mend a broken heart,
    when my one true love and I are apart?
    My heart knows to love only you, it won't let go, what do I do?
    Our moments together were precious and few,
    but I cherished them all more than you knew.
    I love you, my angel, and always will.
    I loved you then and I love you still.

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    I am feeling this poem deep in my heart. My husband of 10 years has found someone else to love. He asked me to move out, and I have. I feel so disconnected from my life, the life I knew. I...

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  10. 8. Do You Know

    • By Michelle Boyd
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2009

    I wrote this after my husband of 10 years decided that he did not want to be a "Husband." We have a terrific 7 year old son who has been handed something that I, at 38, do not yet know how to handle. I do my very best, for my very best (my son).

    Poem For When A Marriage Falls Apart

    Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with pain,
    living a life with nothing to gain,
    Surrounded by darkness, overwhelmed with shame.
    A life without peace with no one to blame.

    Do you know of a place unseen,
    A place that holds only shattered dreams,
    A place filled with sorrow with no end in sight,
    I am given this gift each and every night.

    Do you know of a place so cold,
    This is the place I call my soul,
    A place without hope or comforting dreams,
    A life not worth living wouldn't it seem.

    Do you know of a life that should have never been,
    And the feeling that today this life has to end.
    One more day of sadness is much too hard to bear,
    I am tired of living a life of heartache and despair.

    Do you know a person with so much pain inside,
    Or the feeling of loneliness when no one hears your cries,
    Maybe when the tears are gone and I can clearly see,
    The only question left will be...


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    Well, same stuff, but I know I need to be strong for my kids! The thing that crushes me is my 6-year-old hears his dad call me a whore or say, “Mommy's just crazy, Roman." My son, now after 2...

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  11. 9. The Weeping Willow

    • By Azania Willson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    I wrote this poem for my best friend after she and her boyfriend broke up. They were together for a year. The poem is about a girl missing someone she loves, and every time she compares herself to the Weeping Willow outside her window.

    Missing You Each Night

    Last night I woke up and you weren't there.
    I told myself that I shouldn't care.
    I wrapped my arms around a pillow,
    Staring out the window at the weeping willow.

    Why does it weep? Why all the tears?
    Is it also weak and filled with fears?
    Has it lost its love, like I lost mine?
    Don't worry, everything heals with time.

    Last night I woke up, again all alone.
    I told myself that you would never again phone.
    I hugged my blanket and tried to sleep.
    Again I looked at the tree. Why does it weep?

    Why does it hang its head? Is it also trying to forget?
    Has it given up? Is it filled with regret?
    Why does the willow weep? Does it feel remorse?
    Does the willow also wait for time to take its course?

    Last night I woke up. The bed again was empty.
    I held back all my tears because I've already wasted plenty.
    Again I looked out the window, and there was the willow across the street.
    I thought about our time together, and with the willow I began to weep.

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    I have always loved the weeping willow more than any tree. I love it because it is so strong and resilient and bows with the wind rather than breaks. I promised myself that when I finally had...

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  12. 10. And The World Carries On

    The plates will still shift
    and the clouds will still spew.
    The sun will slowly rise
    and the moon will follow too.

    Life’s beauty will continue
    to flourish all around,
    but now you are gone,
    these birds have no sound.

    And my heart does not beat.
    It is still inside my chest.
    My tears keep on falling
    and my head will not rest.

    But I have no choice only
    to move through this life.
    Endlessly attempting
    to fill this longing that is rife.

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    This poem is really so good. I feel this poem; it's just amazing.

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  13. 11. The Good Times Are Over

    This poem is about my girlfriend who broke up with me. Things were going really well, so it came as a surprise when she said she didn't think things would work out. This poem is about how I wish the good times I spent with her weren't over and how I wish could have more time with her even though I know I can't. This poem has three quatrains, each with an AABB rhyme scheme.

    Poem About The Pain Of A Relationship Ending

    I was happiest with you
    I thought you were happy too
    Now that you left, only sadness does remain
    I can't get the thought of you out of my brain

    They say all wounds heal in time
    But it's been a while, and I'm still not fine
    If I could turn back time and have one more day
    I would go to when we were together, and there I'd stay

    But I can't change the past
    And good times never seem to last
    I'm grateful for the time we had
    I hope one day I can stop being so sad

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    I remember my first relationship. I almost threw my whole life away for this one boy, because I thought he loved me. I didn't know him; I knew only a shell of him in which he used to hide...

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  14. 12. Ebb

    In this poem, Edna St. Vincent Millay powerfully portrays the heartbreak of losing a lover. She uses a shrinking pool of water as a metaphor for the feelings of loss and heartbreak.

    I know what my heart is like
    Since your love died:
    It is like a hollow ledge
    Holding a little pool
    Left there by the tide,
    A little tepid pool,
    Drying inward from the edge.

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  15. 13. To A Young Girl

    William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet who lived from 1865-1936. He started out studying painting, but he found his true passion in poetry. In 1923, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. In this poem, we can see how love can be tricky and complicated but still full of passion.

    My dear, my dear, I know
    More than another
    What makes your heart beat so;
    Not even your own mother
    Can know it as I know,
    Who broke my heart for her
    When the wild thought,
    That she denies
    And has forgot,
    Set all her blood astir
    And glittered in her eyes

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  16. 14. I Fall Back

    I wrote this poem when I was hanging on to a relationship that felt one-sided.

    What Could've Been

    The hardest thing I've ever done is let you slip away
    The cut got even deeper when you had nothing to say
    The ice within your veins I thought I could defrost
    But somehow, I got swept up and my heart would be the cost
    The things I never told you still burning in my head
    A million words couldn't reach my mouth; they will be left unsaid
    A story left unfinished, no happy ending here
    I fall back into darkness, my light will disappear

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  17. 15. Brokenhearted Lover

    He broke my heart, but I still love him and believe I will always love him...no matter what.

    A Shattered Heart That Still Loves Him

    I loved you,
    But you broke my heart.
    I should have known
    That was your goal from the start.

    You told me you loved me,
    And you seemed upset
    When I didn't say it back,
    And that's my biggest regret.

    You talked of the future
    And put it in my head
    That you wanted me for longer,
    But you dropped me instead.

    I would do anything for you,
    But you couldn't even wait.
    I wanted you in my life;
    I knew this on our first date.

    I love you still,
    But it doesn't matter,
    For the heart I gave you,
    You have shattered.

    So I am left broken
    And picking up the pieces,
    While you are smiling
    And your care decreases.

    You knew I was fragile,
    Even though I acted tough.
    You told me not to pretend,
    That you could see past my bluff.

    I still love you,
    And I don't think I will ever stop.
    Just know if you need me,
    Your heart I will never drop.

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    I remember one person that I really like. Yes! I really like him, and I know he likes me so much. He always makes an effort for me. He always says that he will do everything for me. He always...

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  18. 16. Heartbroken And Confused

    • By Kelsey Pitts
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    Having conflicting feelings in love. I dedicate this poem to the guy I wrote it about, Connor, and to my Dad, may he rest in peace.

    My heart feels like it's torn in two.
    Why can't I just be with you?
    Every day another tear,
    Every day a lot more fear.
    I want to hold you in my arms,
    I want to keep you safe from harm.
    I act like things are all okay,
    But I really want to run away.
    I act like things are all alright,
    But I always end up in a fight.
    I cry more tears than I can count;
    Why won't they just let me out?
    I tell myself these things won't stay,
    But I don't think they'll go away.

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    I am the type of person who doesn't believe in love, but what I feel for this guy is something I have only felt for one person. I swore off love, and I don't want to fall in love with him...

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  19. 17. Hoping

    • By Tara Ong
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2012

    I thought I truly found happiness, like most people do, only to find out he was with someone else. I started writing him a letter, sort of a last goodbye, when I realized that I was writing a poem. Even though things didn't work out for the two of us, I feel that this poem explains exactly all I was trying to say to him. I wasn't trying to say goodbye; I was just hoping that he could feel a little bit of what I was feeling, you know, hoping for his love.

    Last Goodbye Letter

    I write this poem for you to read,
    with heartache that will forever bleed.
    I wish things were so different.
    Sadly, this is what you've made of me.
    I sit here alone day by day,
    realizing my life is better off this way.
    I admit I still hurt from all your lies,
    yet you'll never hear my cries.
    You once made my world stand tall and proud.
    Now what's left has crumbled down.
    Something good has come of this,
    One more chance to find true happiness.
    I guess this is goodbye, and so it shall be,
    wishing for your love was foolish of me.
    I will move on, which was too easy for you.
    I wrote this poem hoping you'd feel heartache too.

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  20. 18. My Love Is Gone

    The hardest thing is losing the love you have.

    I No Longer Feel Whole

    Lord, hear my prayer oh so dear.
    My heart is aching; my mind isn't clear.
    My love has left me; it hurts my soul.
    Without that love, I don't feel whole.

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    I know how you feel. My boyfriend left me last summer. Today would have been our anniversary. I feel so empty without him. I tried dating again, but he's always on my mind. I loved him, I...

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  21. 19. Hollow

    When you can't express the agony and pain inside of you, poetry is one of the ways to get it out. I wrote this poem when I just couldn't find the meaning in anything. Everything was numb. I was paralyzed. A feeling so dreadful that I turned into an empty shell. I doubted every emotion I felt. I tried so hard to get through it all. I was broken. I no longer wanted to feel love. I just wanted the dreadful feeling to end. I hope you like it. This poem is for those you have felt like this.

    Feeling Numb

    Do you feel them?
    She was numb and frozen,
    Yet it dimly sparkled like a dying gem.

    Do you know what that feels like?
    Piercing explosions,
    Burning afflictions,
    Hollers of agonizing cries.
    She had nothing left inside.

    Eyes closed,
    Heartbeat stopped,
    Barely alive.

    She was a hollow shell.
    Into an endless oblivion she fell,
    Pitch black and nearly brain dead.
    There was nothing in her life ahead.

    Why is it so strong?
    She was deprived from it.
    Devils had done her heart way too many wrongs.
    Killed was the lust,
    Lost was the temptation.

    Why is it so painful?
    Once crystal clear and beautiful,
    Now a turned poison from what was as pure as golden dust.

    She wanted nothing to do with it.
    Not long ago it had made her bleed.

    Hidden thorns
    On her skin that burned.

    She was a hollow shell.
    Into an endless oblivion she fell.
    Pitch black and nearly brain dead.
    There was nothing in her life ahead.

    Eyes opened,
    Tears flowed,
    Standing in front of a mirror,
    Watching as she wholly became hollow.

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    When you feel empty and hollow, I feel like it's easy to feel alone. This poem helped me realize that I am not alone and that there are other people out there who struggle to feel again, who...

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  22. 20. Put Heartbreak To Rest

    Put heartbreak to rest.
    Untangle your soul
    from its tight grip.
    Say goodbye to the
    parts holding on.
    Move forward in peace
    and discover the new,
    evolved you.

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    These are the word I needed just to be in peace. I have experienced broken relationship ties from friendship ties, family ties and relationship ties. It's hard to let go, but I have to....

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