Cheating Poems

Cheating Poems

Poems about Lies and Love

When a relationship of love is developed, a bond of trust is formed. There is an unspoken agreement that the two of you are committed to each other and that you will not see other people. When one of the members of this sacred bond choose to be intimate with another person, they are not only cheating their lover but they are cheating themselves as well. They are breaking their own bond of trust. In most situations, when a person cheats, it is not because of affection for a new lover. Rather, he may be searching for what is missing in his present relationship.

26 Poems about Cheating and Heartbreak

  1. 1. Alone In My Head

    • By M
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    When I wrote this my husband and I had been going through a hard time. I had received emails from another woman claiming to be with my husband. As I was distancing myself from my husband to prepare for the worst, I started having feelings for my best friend. He called me his muse, his soul mate. As the fighting got worse between my husband and I, the bond between my best friend and I grew stronger and then it happened. As soon as it was over, he told me it meant nothing. My heart broke again.

    Alone in my head,
    I'm feeling so low.
    You won't understand,
    No one can know.

    My eyes are so tired.
    I can't sleep at night.
    Your face haunts my dreams
    When I turn out the light.

    It happened so suddenly,
    It happened so fast.
    I knew all at once.
    That none of this would last.

    Was I just a game?
    Was this all just for fun?
    Did my feelings matter
    To anyone?

    "This didn't mean anything,"
    That's what you said,
    As I was so shamefully
    Getting up from your bed.

    I held my head high,
    As I walked by your side.
    Tears welling up,
    I was dying inside.

    Weeks have passed,
    Keeping secrets, telling lies.
    I don't have the strength
    To look either of them in the eyes.

    My heart has been broken,
    Not once, but twice.
    Once by my best friend,
    Once by the love of my life.

    Deep down inside,
    I know it's my fault,
    So I'm just going to lock it
    Away in my vault.

    Sometimes I still think of you
    When I'm lying in bed,
    Still all alone,
    Inside of my head.

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    Beautiful poem! I loved the way it's presented with hints of unspoken events.

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  3. 2. Cheating And Lies

    • By Meagen Deitz
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2007

    This is for all the girls out there who have ever been cheated on or treated wrong by their boyfriends!

    Would you care if we quit talking?
    Would you care if I went walking?
    I need to know how you feel
    So I know how to deal.
    I like it when you're by my side.
    I hate it when you try to hide
    All the cheating and the lies
    Bring me one step closer to saying goodbye.
    I know the cheating is a fact
    because I've caught you in the act.
    I wish I had more trust in you,
    but it's kinda hard when I busted you.
    Seems to me you wouldn't care
    even if I weren't there.
    I always wonder who you're with,
    hoping it's not another chick.
    I'm not saying I don't believe you.
    Too many people have told me to leave you,
    but you are everything to me,
    which is why I want you and me to always be.
    Believing you may be a mistake,
    but it's a risk I'm willing to take.
    I really love you; always know I do,
    and remember there will always be a me and you.

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    I was very touched by this poem because my ex-boyfriend cheated on me somewhere around 7 times. We would break up, and my sister and all my friends would tell me to not go back out with him....

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  5. 3. Someday I'll Be Okay!

    • By Britaney L. Adams
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018

    My boyfriend of five years cheated on me with my sister and became hooked on drugs. We lost everything in a blink of an eye, and I'm still lost trying to find the answers to why! The only thing I've found to help me get through each day is my writing. I hope I can inspire someone with my story.

    This ink, it runs.
    This paper is stained
    Tears run free as
    I'm stuck in a daze.
    I put this pen to paper,
    To write the words
    This voice can't deliver.
    My heart is heavy
    With pain and despair.
    Can't breathe.
    I'm fighting for air.
    My mind is spinning
    At the speed of light.
    This pain in my life
    Has clouded my mind.
    The thoughts are deafening
    Of my life you took away,
    But after all my
    Someday I'll be okay!

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  6. 4. Silent Cries That Completely Die

    • By Sabrina
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2015

    I was dating this "man" for quite a few years. I thought we were both happy. Turns out I was wrong. He wanted more. I was no longer enough. He started to take off for a couple days at a time. He wouldn't call or even text to let me know he was even alive. Finally I had enough. When he finally decided to come home, for once I wasn't waiting for him. Instead, this poem took my place.

    There's no place I'd rather be
    Than in your heart
    And in your dreams.
    Hoping forever we would be
    In this lovely anarchy,
    But so you know, I have been hurting,
    Crying these silent tears.
    My heart sinks at the thought
    Of us being one for so many years.
    Mascara stains this face
    As my heart begins to race.
    The back of my throat starts to burn
    As I wonder, "When will you return?"
    I've decided I can't take much more pain.
    Will we both lose or will you gain?
    These silent tears create a lack of words.
    One thing's for sure,
    You can't live in both worlds.
    So look me in the eyes,
    For it's your time to decide.
    I love you with all my heart.
    But you can't keep tearing it apart.
    So sit down and listen to my silent cries
    Before my heart goes black
    And our love completely dies.

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    I am touched. The poem is so painful and real as I look to my relationship, it makes sense and made me cry.

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  7. 5. Broken Heart

    • By Latoya B
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    My boyfriend cheated on me. The pain inside won't go away. This poem is to him.

    I knew that this would happen,
    that you would break my heart.
    It was stupid of me not to listen.
    I was stupid from the start.
    You told me you were different;
    now I know you are all the same.
    I'm in a lot of pain.
    It's hard for me to hate you.
    It's hard for me not to care,
    because always in my mind she is going to be there.
    I want to forget it; I'm going insane.
    Am I listening to my heart or thinking with my brain?
    I wish I knew why you did it,
    what you were thinking at the time,
    but then I know I don't want to know
    anything more would drive me insane.

    I love you but I wish I was strong.
    You don't deserve me now.
    Hopefully you can prove me wrong.
    I'll always love you, but you have really broken my heart.
    Hope you know how to fix it because believe me I can't.

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    One month ago, I caught my fiancé out with another man. She spent the night with him but swears she was sick and nothing happened. We had a blow up and she admitted having slept with two guys...

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  8. 6. Was She Worth It?

    This poem is about how the wheel turns...

    Remember that day? You said you were home,
    But I saw you at the club; you weren't alone.
    You held her close, you kissed her neck.
    I was your girlfriend; what the heck?
    I wanted to punch you, slap you on the head.
    At that very moment I wished you were dead.
    I went home and I cried and cried.
    I tried to understand why you had lied.

    But the truth is I did nothing wrong.
    I was the best I could be all along.
    If you want to cheat on someone,
    Then I'm happy to see you go,
    Because I know I'm better than that little ho
    And one day soon
    You're going to be too blind to see
    She's going to do to you what you did to me,

    And I'll ask... was she worth it?

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    This poem made me laugh thinking of how many times my boyfriend will say he's at home sleeping while he runs around with a teenager. While I am carrying his baby. But I realize he's not...

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  9. 7. Betrayed

    My husband cheated on me twice in 8 years of marriage.

    I stood by you so faithfully.
    You don't deserve me.

    Through thick and thin,
    Even through all your sin.

    You lied to me, said I was the love of your life.
    You even went so far as to make me your wife.

    You took my heart and broke it into pieces
    All because you said you made some bad choices.

    You looked me right in the eye,
    And all you did was lie.

    Can your love ever really be true?
    I'm so confused; I don't know what to do.

    I love you, but I hate you for what you have done.
    If I let you go, I feel like she has won.

    So where do we go from here?
    Since your promises are less than sincere.

    I feel so deeply betrayed.
    My love for you is so frayed.

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  10. 8. Never Be

    • By Dblackwell
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    Going through a divorce with my wife and she still wants to remain friends. We only have 1 child, which is my step child. I loved them both more than anything and did my best to be the best husband and father figure possible.

    All of these thoughts running through my head
    I don't even want to crawl out of the bed.
    First, there are the feelings of love that my mind and heart shared.
    I feel like you really never even cared.

    I loved you more than anyone or anything.
    I would have given you everything.
    Anything I was able to give,
    That's what I did.

    I told you that I would never forgive a cheater.
    That's the number one thing that has made this easier.
    Easier for me to move on, to not look back.
    I feel like everything you made me feel was all just a hack.

    I promised to be there for you no matter what,
    Through the good times and the bad, all under God.
    God doesn't want us to be apart
    Or we wouldn't have been together from the start.

    Now I fill my nights with friends and people to keep me busy.
    I've met new friends, guys and girls, but it still isn't easy.
    I never wanted anyone else more in my life,
    Just my beautiful wife.

    I just don't think I can be friends with someone who has hurt me.
    Not in this way, you see.
    This is going to be the hardest thing to do.
    All I wanted in my life was to spend it with you.

    I guess in a lot of ways you never really knew me.
    I didn't think it was hard to see.
    You never could get over the things in the past,
    But I know we could have made us last.

    I wanted you to be the mother of my child.
    The little guy would have been wild,
    But now these are my dreams that never came true,
    Just my heart and mind being blue.

    I love you more than anyone or anything in the world.
    Just hope what you did was worth while
    Because if it would have been up to me,
    All this mess we see would never be.

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  11. 9. The Darkness In That Night

    • By Josh
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem was written by myself at the age of 22. The events that happen in the poem are the closest way for me to describe the night I caught my fiancé/girlfriend of five and a half years cheating on me on New Year's night. I thank the Lord that I survived my attempt at suicide, however, I still to this day have not talked to her. I was placed in a mental hospital and committed for 30 days, after which I went to a treatment center. I wrote this in the treatment center.

    A chill in the air awoke him,
    And he pulled his blankets tight.
    The booze was running strong;
    It had been a good night.

    He felt sick and tried to sleep again,
    Relaxed and breathed a sigh.
    The room was dark and silent,
    And he could still taste the rye.

    He laid there dazed and lazy,
    But something was not right.
    He felt the need to investigate
    The darkness in that night.

    He sat up and rubbed his eyes
    And looked over at his side.
    When he didn't see her,
    A fear crept up inside.

    He knew something was wrong;
    She is never up this late.
    Now his curiosity
    Would make him investigate.

    He strained his ears to listen,
    Hoping he could hear her
    But couldn't hear a thing,
    Only his heart beating fear.

    He stood up and walked to the door
    And paused one more time.
    Again he heard no sound
    But saw a dull light's shine.

    It came from downstairs somewhere
    And he knew she must be here.
    He went down the stairs to find her
    And grab another beer.

    He went down the stairs slowly
    And turned the corner to the hall,
    Took two steps to the kitchen.
    Two steps  -that was all.

    He stopped and stood silent.
    His body frozen in shock.
    His mind trying to comprehend
    As time ticked off the clock.

    He watched the look of pleasure
    The passion in her eye
    As she took everything he had
    And gave it to another guy.

    His body began to tremble,
    His emotions ran hot.
    He was going to kill them
    Right there on the spot.

    He walked into the kitchen
    And tried to grab a knife.
    He wasn't going to listen,
    Just going to take their life.

    They heard him open drawers
    And panic filled the air.
    They were caught red handed
    But could only just stand there.

    He screamed at them and threatened
    And smashed everything in sight.
    This was it for him.
    He would deal with this tonight.

    She tried to walk up and grab him,
    But something held her in place.
    She knew something was wrong
    By the pain on his face.

    He fell down on the floor
    Overwhelmed with grief.
    He knew it was too much;
    He would find no relief.

    The pain was too much for him
    And he began to fade.
    The anger in his blood
    Spilling out along his blade.

    All the screams became silent
    And he felt no more fear.
    This day would never shine on him,
    For he would not be here.

    He prayed the dark would come
    And take him away.
    He would not have to feel this
    For even one lonely day.

    His body shook and he knew
    That his time was near
    When she came to hold him
    And whispered in his ear,

    "I'm sorry love, you know I am.
    Please don't leave me now.
    I'm so sorry, please don't die.
    I'll make it up somehow.

    She told the man to call for help
    And tried to save his life.
    His last words to her were
    I wanted you to be my wife.

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    Josh, your pain is not in vain. God used this story to help me understand how painful it is to be cheated on. My girlfriend was cheated on during her first-ever real relationship, and it...

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  12. 10. Snake Charmer

    She tried to lie to me.

    What she hid
    I found her searching for something.
    She had a suitcase full of dreams.
    I tried so hard to give her everything it seems.
    I built my hopes, my life, my future, my world around her heart.
    I thought life was great, even though we had a rocky start.
    Dishonesty and half-truths clouded and loomed over our daily life.
    Now I feel as though I lost my best friend, my wife.
    I did my part to hurt her.
    How deep? I may never know.
    To make it up to her, there's no length I'm not willing to go.
    Every tomorrow's a challenge trying to scrape up a little hope
    When feeling so empty makes it so hard to cope.
    When you left, you took my heart, my will, and reason to live.
    I'm sorry for taking that for granted.
    All you did was give.
    You deserve honesty, integrity, a kind and caring man.
    Believe me, Love, I get the picture and fully understand.
    I admit my wrongs, working to make them right.
    Tell me there's still a reason for me to fight,
    To keep your love in my life, for our children and our dreams.
    I thought I gave you all, but now nothing is what it seems.
    The only rock I lean on is my faith in love for you.
    Taken our vows to heart, reminding me of when we said "I do."
    As you've paid for my past time and time again,
    I say to you now I understand,
    And this cycle has come to an end.
    You are more important to me than anyone in my life.
    I've never felt deserving of such a wonderful wife.
    You've shown strength beyond your years and love I've never felt.
    Yet I was forced to deal with the bad hand I was dealt.
    But for all my wrongs and mistakes, there is still a good side of me.
    A husband who loves his wife ever so deeply.
    Shelli, I've tried to be someone that you can be proud of,
    A man who never turns his back and is always willing to show his love,
    A father who'd walk through fire to provide for his family,
    The man his wife needs him to be.
    Please look in your heart, remember all we've been through.
    Deep down you will find the man who loves you.

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  13. 11. You Cheated

    • By Tanya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    This is to every woman out there who has been hurt and used. Be strong and don't let any of these idiots get away with anything.

    Why can't you love me the way you should?
    I know you could
    Instead, my heartache is what you're choosing.
    It's me that you are losing.
    I hate what you've done to me.
    I was all that you ever wanted me to be.
    I'm not blind, I can see.
    I see your game.
    I'm not insane; you are hurting me.
    After everything I have done for you,
    Everything I gave you, you turn around and cheat?
    All the times and memories we have spent together,
    You even said we'd be forever.
    The bond we share
    I never thought you would dare,
    Dare to hurt me this way.
    All the lies you say,
    You made me sick.
    She is who you want to pick.
    You made me cry while you told a lie,
    You made me want to die.
    How could this be, you're not here with me?
    You are not that man I thought you were.
    Now I know, now I'm sure..."Never hurt you,"
    Is what you said.
    Now I know you're not a man of your word.
    Made me feel crazy when I asked, "Why was your phone off?"
    Yet I knew you were hurting me.
    I knew I was right; you were out of my sight.
    You really ruined my life.
    How could you ask me to forgive you?
    How many times can I?
    You have lost my trust over what I call lust.
    You chose to hurt me; it was a must.
    I am beautiful, so I have to be brave,
    Brave enough to move on.
    I will be strong without you.
    My life won't be wrong.
    I will forget you in time, 
    And no, no it's not fine.
    I'm glad that you're not mine.
    You used to be my greatest treasure, but now you're never.
    I hope you're happy for what you did to me.
    Right now you're blind, but soon you will see...

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    My wife of 15 years cheated. I caught her, and she promised never again. Since then she has been caught over the last 2 years maybe a dozen times still speaking with him behind my back. Worst...

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  14. 12. It's His Fault

    The reason I wrote this poem was to help a friend. She is so lost right now, and I want to help. It hurts me a lot to see her doubt herself because of a man. Not believing in herself anymore because he cheated on her. I hate that men can have the power to not only hurt you but make you blame yourself for their wrongdoings. I don't write poems, but I just needed to do something.

    Why do you beat yourself up
    because you had the courage to love,
    gave all of yourself in hopes that he was the one?

    Why do you beat yourself up
    when it was his choice to be unfaithful,
    his choice to hurt you?

    Why do you beat yourself up,
    knowing that you had done everything for him,
    supported him, comforted him,
    loved him more than you loved yourself?

    Why, after his lies and deceit,
    do you still love him and want him to love you?
    Why, after the repeat of hurt and trust being lost,
    do you think that he deserves a love as pure as yours?

    Why do you beat yourself up
    over what you could have done better
    when you know deep down there was nothing?

    What makes you search for answers as to why
    when they will not change the past
    nor mend your broken heart?

    Why, when a man decides to cheat, do we blame ourselves?
    Why does it make us question every little detail about who we are,
    make us think that we are not worthy of love?

    Why, when a man cheats, do we still long for him to change,
    realize how wrong he was, and fall in love with us again?

    Why do you beat yourself up,
    when you deserve more,
    when all that you have done is loved someone completely?

    Give yourself time, and the pain will subside,
    and the mourning will cease.
    You will see that you are still you,
    still wonderful, beautiful you

    Nothing has changed except your experience in love
    and your determination to share love with another.

    As you can never truly love someone
    until you learn to love yourself.

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    I was in a relationship and married for 30 years, and all of a sudden the man of my life decides one day he's gonna cheat or go find him another woman. Well, he did and brought her to our...

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  15. 13. I Should've Known

    • By Carla
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I was with my husband for 4 years. He cheated on me and left me for a married woman. I sat there night after night crying and he just didn't care. Sometimes I sit and cry because I still do love him when he doesn't deserve my love.

    I want to write, scream and shout
    But I'm sitting here with this doubt.
    I hate you for what you've done,
    But I love you for what you've helped me become,
    A strong woman who will put her foot down.
    My mind keeps replaying how you played me like a stupid clown.
    You say I messed up, that I was wrong.
    I knew what was going on all along.
    I sat there night after night wondering where you were.
    I should've known you were with her,
    Holding her the way I should've been held.
    Now I just wish you'd both burn in hell.
    I should've seen the emptiness in your eyes,
    But like an idiot, I kept believing your stupid lies.
    You've scarred me for life.
    How could you do this to your wife,
    A woman who gave you everything?
    But you just went out and sold our wedding rings.
    I see how much to you this marriage was worth,
    That you'd just throw me out in the dirt.
    For the next man I won't be able to open my heart.
    It doesn't matter how long we've been apart.
    The way that I loved you I will never love again.
    I still ask myself why did this have to end?

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    I know this was posted 8 years ago, but I felt I had to comment and tell you I'm so sorry for the pain caused by the one person who is supposed to prevent you and your siblings from ever...

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  16. 14. Broken

    Trust is a most precious gift. Cheating causes scars and makes it hard to trust again.

    I loved you so much.
    I didn't care what others said.
    When people said you're not loyal,
    I'd stare and rock my head.

    Then you did it to me.
    You slept with my best mate.
    I felt really betrayed.
    My head was filled with anger and hate.

    I honestly can say now
    I wanted to kill the both of you.
    I also wanted to say
    I could really tell, I knew.

    But I trusted you,
    I trusted her as well.
    But now I couldn't care less.
    What stupid stories you tell.

    You told me it wasn't true.
    Then you changed what you said.
    I really really hate you.
    I want to bust your head.

    But everything's ok now.
    We have both moved apart.
    Treat this new girl better.
    She has giving you her heart.

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    I was head over heels for my ex, everyone would talk bad about him and I would always stand up for him. One day my friend told me she saw him out with another girl and I denied it until we...

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  17. 15. Dear Heart

    My poem is about what the heart feels when it's been broken by a cheating boyfriend.

    Dear heart, please stop breaking.
    Please forget the one who caused this aching.
    I know I am the one who placed him there,
    But he was not true and I cannot share.
    When I gave him my heart he promised the world,
    But that promise he shared with more than one girl.
    Dear heart, do you think that you will ever heal
    And piece back together what I allowed him to steal?
    How will I ever fall in love again?
    Dear heart, will you ever let anyone else in?

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    I was in love. He was the love of my life. We spent every day together. And then everything started to change. He stopped calling me. He took hours to reply. I pushed it off. His best friend...

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  18. 16. A Husband's Friend

    I was married to a man who had a "friend". Blaming me for his need to sneak around, lie, and deny. Many days physically present, his mind so obviously elsewhere. This poem depicts a letter he should have written to end the relationship and keep our family together...

    It was casual at first between you and me.
    Introduced at a time when life was carefree.

    You brought me comfort and put me at ease,
    A sensation that felt like a warm summer breeze.

    Whether up or down, it seemed only you cared,
    But some disapproved of the bond that we shared.

    It was all innocent and just didn't seem right.
    Conversations of you always started a fight.

    To avoid conflict, we hid and...I lied.
    Wanting you always right there by my side.

    We've now had each other for so many years.
    It's hard for me to hold back my tears.

    I feel so betrayed by all that you took.
    But still so vulnerable when I see you and look.

    I pray now and forever you stay out of my life.
    I need to spend time with kids and my wife.

    You have ruined my life for years - not just days.
    My bottle, my friend, we need to part ways.

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    This is a sad but very true poem. It happens all the time. usually the "friend" can and 99 % of the time is an ex..........they are an ex for a reason and if they both know it is causing a...

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  19. 17. Hard To Let Go

    • By Tanya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    It is the most difficult time to understand why you get cheated matter how hard it can get, just remember that if a person cheats on you it's because there is no respect or love. Don't lie to yourself, a cheater does not love strong

    Where do we go from here?
    I can't believe that you are not near.
    You're the cause of my every tear.
    Losing you was my every fear.

    The remarkable feeling of your touch,
    The blessed feeling of your love,
    The thought of believing you,
    The things we have been through,
    All my cherished memories have vanished.

    I was wrong to trust you,
    I was wrong to believe when you said
    That I was your dreams for your future.

    Was she worth losing me?
    How blind could you be?
    Your desire was to deceive me,
    To degrade my love that I gave you.

    Look deep inside your soul.
    I was the one who remained by your side.
    In return all you did was lie.

    I was never prepared for you to cheat me out.
    Now, as I lay here alone,
    I realize that you're gone forever.
    Forgetting you will be never.

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    Men like that think they can climb into bed with whomever they want when you're not available. Run away! There is someone out there who will love you just as much as you love them and...

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  20. 18. Enough Is Enough

    When your heart is broken and you feel nothing but pain, you must try to be strong and think enough is enough. You don't have to put up with the way that things are. You have the power to put an end to it. It's so hard when you have kids and you try to keep your marriage going for them, but sometimes it is better for them and for you if you just walk away.

    I'm so very sorry
    and just wanted to say
    I know you are deciding
    Should I go or should I stay?

    Having been there myself,
    I can sense all the strain.
    I remember your hurt
    And feel sorry for your pain.

    You do not deserve this.
    You are worth so much more.
    Take a deep breath and tell him
    To walk out that door.

    Because you don't need him.
    You're too good of a find.
    You're gentle and loving
    And been nothing but kind.

    Please don't blame yourself.
    You have been a good wife.
    You've done all that you can
    To create a happy life

    For you and for your kids,
    And sadly for him, too.
    You've supported and forgiven him,
    Through and through.

    Yes, you'll miss your kiddies
    When they are not there,
    But just always show them
    How much you love and care.

    You're a beautiful mum,
    And your kids will be okay
    Because you'll be there for them
    To help them on their way.

    But they'll help you, too.
    They'll be by your side.
    They'll pick up your pieces
    And help you take life in its stride.

    So shower them with kisses
    And hold them extra tight,
    And they will always
    Make you feel all right.

    It's not fair on your kids,
    And it's not fair on you.
    Both your heart and your head
    Are telling you what you should do.

    He has lied and he's cheated
    From the very start.
    He's lost your trust,
    And he's broken your heart.

    You just cannot continue
    To live in such fear,
    To be hurt over and over
    Through each day and each year.

    But it is a hard decision
    To actually make the call,
    To say that it's over,
    Finally once and for all

    And even though you'll be sad
    And do nothing but cry,
    Feel the need to crawl in a ball
    And just want to die,

    There is light in the tunnel
    After you get through the dark.
    Somehow you will manage
    To relight that spark.

    There'll be a weight lifted off.
    You'll be able to see.
    Slowly your heart will heal,
    And you'll actually feel free.

    The burden will ease and
    You will slowly rebuild.
    Look forward to a future
    Where your dreams are fulfilled.

    Some soul searching time
    Is just what you need
    To help you get through this,
    Move forward and proceed.

    To be happy again,
    Both inside and out.
    To not have to pretend
    When you're out and about.

    Life is like a roller coaster
    With its ups, downs, twists, and turns.
    It's time to be selfish.
    It's you this concerns.

    So know I am just
    But a phone call away,
    And I am always here
    Each and every day.

    Please let me know
    If there is anything I can do.
    You need a shoulder to cry
    Or just someone to talk to.

    So although you are down
    And at this moment, life is rough,
    I know you can get through this.
    Enough is enough!

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    An eloquent poem that expresses angst and remorse in a very brogue matter. Without any cacophony, this poem is extremely idyllic and, though long, is not a litany to the eye.

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  21. 19. I Thought You Were The One

    • By H Lopez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    This poem is based on my relationship with my husband that is not going well at all. A player is always a player.

    I thought you were the one,
    that would make my life complete.
    Oh, how wrong was I;
    you just brought me misery.

    I loved you a lot and all you did was hurt me.
    I was always there for you.
    I don't know what went wrong,
    but you really left me with an aching heart.

    I trusted you and all you did was cheat.
    You went out with my best friend and
    had a blast laughing at me.

    I cried a million times for you.
    I did everything I could to be with you,
    but no matter how hard I fought,
    this was a battle to lose.

    Everybody knew about you and all your lies.
    Everybody wondered how stupid was I.
    I wasn't stupid; I was in love,
    In love with a monster that didn't treat me right.

    I didn't deserve this; that's why it had to end.
    I still love you, but the hurt is too much.
    Can't handle anymore pain.

    Sorry to say that whatever you do will haunt you back.
    And that later I will just see you as another guy on the stack.

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  22. 20. Is There Life After Love?

    • By Maryann Bennette
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    I have been hurt by my partner of 5 years who decided to spend a few weekends in hotels with his ex and lied to me about it...

    My heart has been broken by someone I love.
    How to forget is a gift from above.
    You did what you did for reasons unknown,
    And all the while I was cut to the bone.
    The wound is now healing, but the scars will remain.
    How do I continue and still feel the same?
    Being true to oneself is all that it takes
    To realize where we have made mistakes.
    Should I go, or should I stay,
    As I'll always wonder what happened that day.
    Is there life after love?
    Does anyone know,
    Or just memories of feelings that have been torn away?
    How do I close my eyes to the fact that you will throw me away on the strength of a shag?

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