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Your Special Friend

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Only your
special friend
cries when
you cry.

- Amy

 A Friend To Give Us A Hand Quote

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The road to a happy life
May sometimes make us stumble.
But to have a friend to give us a hand
Teaches us to be humble.

Valerie M.

Quote About Life As A Teen

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We learn from our mistakes,
from the wrong turns we take,
from the fake friends we make,
and from the times we almost break.

Sarah Gray



Quote About Walking Alongside Someone In Life

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Whether it be happy
or whether it be sad,
my friend, I'll help you
through all things good and bad.

- Amy H

What Friendship Means

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Friendship means
being comfortable
around each other
in silence.

- Tracie Labauve

Friends Whose Hearts Are As One

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There is a secret that only real friends know,
and it is this.
All the mountains and valleys in the world
cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one

Family Friend Poems

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