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Quote About A Friend In Need

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Through thick and thin,
up and down,
your true friends
are always around.

- Bea Williams

Quote About Caring

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You have showed me the way.
You have showed me the light.
Real friends care.
That much is right.

- Agr

You Are Always There For Me Quote For Best Friends

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You are always there for me
when my spirits need a little lift.
I cannot thank you enough for that.
You are truly an extraordinary gift.

Margery Wang


Good Friends Quote

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Good friends
are hard to find,
hard to lose,
and impossible to forget.

Valerie M.

Will Always Be There

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You are a best friend
that will always be there
because you are a best friend
that really cares.

- Brian Myers

41 - 50 of 131

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