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Friendship is one of the greatest sources of love any of us will ever find. Unlike family, friendship is a bond that is purposefully forged through the experiences, laughter, and even pain that we share. Friends are those with whom we choose to share our deepest selves. Friendship is thus one of the single opportunities we have to join with another living, beating heart to create love out of nothing. It is in bonds like these that we find some of the greatest healing, the deepest touch, and the truest love.

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Quote About What Friends Will Do For Each Other

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If you feel there's nothing else to do,
if you think no one's here for you,
turn your head and look at me,
because by your side I'll always be.

- Simmonds

Quote About Friends Being Like Angels

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A true friend is not just a friend,
but like a guardian angel from above,
one who looks after you,
as the rest give up and run.

Chelsea Madden

Special Friend Quote

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Sometimes in life we need a special person
To listen while we talk.
A special person who will not discourage or judge
But encourage us as we walk.

Valerie M.

Forever On My Mind

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When my pain gets me down,
and I just don't know what to do,
I just think of you
and it helps me through.

- Alton L. Smith


Quote About What Is A Friend?

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A best friend is the one
who you can tell everything to
when no one else wants to listen

- Markie B. Hylinski

What Friendship Is

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You were there for me when I needed you.
You cared for me when I cried to you.
You fought for me when I couldn't stand.
You held me up with a giving hand.

- Kaylee E Jones

Special True Friend

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When times are tough,
you are always there.
It has brightened my world
just knowing you care.

- Crystal A. Dedes

Quote About Importance Of Friendship

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You can lean on them when you are weak,
And carry them when you are strong.
They are always there beside you,
Even when you are wrong.

- Britni Sisco

Quote Showing Nothing Can Tear Friends Apart

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You are my best friend,
You belong in my heart.
We go through ups and downs,
But still nothing can tear us apart.


Quote About Friends Telling The Truth

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True friends will tell you the truth,
Even if it's not what you want to hear.
True friends are always there
With a hug and a listening ear.


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