Thank You Poetry Quotes for Friends

Sometimes we forget to say thank you. Saying thank you might not seem like a big deal, after all it's just two little words. Still, it can mean the world. An expression of thanks can warm our hearts and strengthen our bonds with each other. Ingratitude, on the other hand, can cause resentment and loneliness to well up within us. Since saying thank you, be it in person or through writing, can do so much good, why not work on saying it more often. You just might make someone's day.

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Forever On My Mind

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When my pain gets me down,
and I just don't know what to do,
I just think of you
and it helps me through.

- Alton L. Smith

Quote About A Special Friendship

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No other friend
is quite like you.
No other friend
could do exactly what you do.

- Shyanne Weyandt

Having You In My Life

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Having you in my life
and fulfills
every part of me.

- Kaitlyn M. Yawn



You Are Always There For Me Quote For Best Friends

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You are always there for me
when my spirits need a little lift.
I cannot thank you enough for that.
You are truly an extraordinary gift.

Margery Wang

My Best Friend

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When everyone in this world turns
and you feel alone,
reach out
and I'll be there.

Mary B

Thank You For The Memories

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Thank you
for the memories;
I really love
your company.



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You were a shelter
from life's frequent storm.
Like a comfortable blanket,
you kept me snug, safe, and warm.

- Durga

I Want To Thank You Again

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To me you're like an angel,
sent by God above,
To cleanse my soul of sadness,
and fill it with love.

- Janelle J. James

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