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Life Changing In A Moment

I am a very introverted person, but when I start to write, nothing stands in the way. This is about a fourth of the full poem, so it's just a glimpse to fit into the limit.

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I'm Lizzy. This is one of the hardest things I have to say, but I need to get my story heard. I was born into a family of addiction. Until the age of 2 and a half, I was drugged countless...

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Change What Is To Come

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015 with permission of the Author.

It's strange how a few short seconds can lead you in a whole new direction,
It alters how you think and act and see your own reflection.
From a single moment on, my life was forever changed,
Like everything I previously knew had suddenly been rearranged.

No one will ever understand just how I felt that day,
But deep within this poem I shall try to convey.
I cannot even begin to illustrate the repulsive person I once knew.
I intend to simply express the horror that I went through.

I was abruptly pinned against the wall of a hard, rough concrete stairwell,
At two AM, in Mexico, where not a soul was likely to dwell.
Suddenly I was captured, no possible way to escape.
Wondering if I deserved it, if it was truly my fate.

I tried to fly away, but my wings he had been broke.
I was like an innocent cow that he used to prod and poke.
My mind filled with confusion, and his filled with lust.
He took another part of me with each and every thrust.

Tears like elegant pearls gracefully danced down my face.
I peered into his soul with a firm look of disgrace.
His cold touch like a vacuum, sucking out the life in me.
His ears were wide open, but he wouldn't hear my plea.

Standing there in the night, so scared, so exposed.
I was covered by a veil of darkness, like satin petals of a rose.
The glowing moon looked down at me, peaking through a massive blanket of stars.
I could touch it; it seemed so close, but it was really oh so far.

Worse than at the doctor; he injected me with filth and dirt.
His intention was deliberate; it was very clear and overt.
It is a bit funny that a piece of scum is all he'll ever be,
And the only thing that he accomplished doing in life is me.

Sometimes late at night I simply can't fall sleep
Thinking about how my innocence is no longer mine to keep.
What some can only imagine in their worst possible nightmare
Is my gruesome reality that can't be undone nor repaired.

I may have the sweetest smile, glowing between my nose and chin,
But only I know the truth about the deep secrets held within.
I may have the prettiest eyes that have seen more than they should
And have cried more delicate tears than anyone else ever could.

I may have the kindest heart, but that came with a cost.
It has felt the worst of pains and experienced the greatest loss.
I cannot change the past, an event to which I succumbed.
But I can focus on the present and change what is to come.

We are all so different and yet so much the same.
Everyone, in some way or another, will experience a kind of pain.
Everybody has things they wish not to recall,
Into each life some rain must fall.

Scattered throughout our lives, like a friend that is one of a kind,
Dreary days will steadily approach, bad memories trailing behind.
These dark days are necessary, just as important as the rest,
For if we didn't have the worst, we couldn't recognize the best.

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  • Em Rightmeyer-Packham by Em Rightmeyer-Packham
  • 2 months ago

I was about 7 years old and my cousin took advantage of me and raped me but I could never tell anyone cause he said if I did he would make my life worse, this continued till I was about 12 years old then he finally stopped. I recently opened up about it. Then when I was 15 turning 16 I was raped again by someone I thought I could trust, I saw him as an older brother/father figure but he took advantage of me as well. Then I was raped again 12 days before my 16th birthday by someone who went to my school. The school didn't believe me so I had to see him everyday until my mom said something about it. No one should ever have to go through this and if you have had to I am very sorry I know how much it hurts, mentally and emotionally I'm still trying to heal after years. It is okay to take time with healing just know you are brave and powerful and you can get through anything

  • Carmen Nieves by Carmen Nieves
  • 5 years ago

This poem broke my heart. Sometimes people try to masquerade what happened and even forget about it, but it always comes to light.

  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 5 years ago

It's frustrating that we live in a society that teaches women not to get raped instead of teaching men not to rape, teaches women not to wear short clothes instead of teaching men to respect their choice, teaches men to respect women as her right not their duty.

  • ROSEMARY Sagoro by ROSEMARY Sagoro
  • 2 years ago

People always have something to say about a woman's character, judge them and even exclude them from social activities instead of helping and guide them to lighter situations. A girl needs a society that builds her up and motivates her instead of discriminating against her.

  • Ziba by Ziba
  • 5 years ago

I was raped when I was 13-years-old by two church members. I was tied to a bed. I was so secretive that I couldn’t tell anyone. There was this void that was deep in me. I cried bitterly but to no avail. I began to sleep with different guys. I became a sex addict. It really affected me and was almost becoming a disease. I was used by all my male friends. Everyone just wanted to have sex with me and leave. I felt so ashamed. I got pregnant at 17 and never told anyone. I carried out an abortion, and that almost took my life. I didn’t know the father, and I didn’t want to stop school. It’s pretty hard for me to concentrate on anything because I keep seeing my aborted baby.

  • Mcee by Mcee
  • 3 years ago

Baby girl, yes aborting a child was your mistake, but you owned up to it. Don't let what happened in the past determine your future. Don't let guilt judge your action. I have a similar story as yours.

  • Lizzy Herridge by Lizzy Herridge
  • 5 years ago

I'm Lizzy. This is one of the hardest things I have to say, but I need to get my story heard. I was born into a family of addiction. Until the age of 2 and a half, I was drugged countless times, physically abused by my drunk mother and her boyfriend at the time and raped on multiple occasions. I was adopted into a "nice" family... apart from my father abusing me. It was a horrible time. One day he finally moved away, but I still loved him and saw him every week. By this point in my life I had repressed the memories of being raped so much I didn't remember it had happened. Then when I was 10, my own father molested me. If that wasn't bad enough, it brought back all of the memories - in detail, of my past rape situations. Every day for over 3 years I have gotten flashbacks to every single one of these times, which has ruined my life. Pretty much everyone I have ever loved has used me. Thank you for taking your time to listen to a broken 13-year-old's story.

  • Travis by Travis
  • 2 years ago

That's a very hard situation to have been through. I'm very sorry to hear that. I have close friends who have had experiences like that, and it's very hard to talk about. So thank you for sharing this with us, and stay strong my friend.

  • Machelle by Machelle
  • 5 years ago

I understand your pain. I went through the same thing, but I was raped by my stepdad, one of my friends, and a cousin. I moved in with my auntie for 6 months and after that my auntie started being abusive.

  • BlueBird2909 by BlueBird2909
  • 5 years ago

This poem and story is very powerful, and I have felt it touch my heart. I was also raped when I was 17 by my family's friend son. No one believed me when I tried reaching out, as he had always put a good act up in front of everyone else. I am sad to say we have something to relate to like this, but I understand just how you feel, and I think it is beautiful that you are strong enough to share this.

  • SapphireRose by SapphireRose
  • 6 years ago

Okay, I have to share this for the first time ever. When I was 11 years old my best friend, Asher, raped me. I am only 13 years old. I have been through hell since then. I have not told anyone except my boyfriend. Putting the pain down in words is impossible for me. The past two years I have been molested by my brother's best friend. I told my mother the first time. She has asked if it has happened again, yet I am too scared to tell. My grandmother knows. She says I am a snob who only wants attention. It hurts to be writing this, but I love this site, and feel that I can share this here.

  • Pragati by Pragati
  • 5 years ago

Hi dear, I can understand your pain, but try to think of some good people who are with you in your difficult time. I think that is your mom and your boyfriend. Even if you're not comfortable with your mom to tell her this, then I at least think your boyfriend is ready to listen to you and try to make you laugh when you're in great pain. And that is what a true couple is called. May God bless you, dear.

  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 5 years ago

I definitely understand what you are going through. I was molested by my drug addicted "friend" who raped my best friend shortly after. Writing poems and drawing helps. Doing things I love keeps my mind busy, and seeing my therapist is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Keep fighting. <3

  • Esther by Esther
  • 6 years ago

Reading this poem brought me to tears. My best friend was raped by someone she thought was a good person. He had recorded it and sent it to many people for a "joke" and denied the fact that she pleaded for him to stop. He took away her innocence. I never really understood how it must feel to be raped, but I knew she cried all the time about it. Reading this poem put me into her shoes. Somehow reading this, I felt the same pain she did, and memories that weren't even mine came to mind. I wouldn't wish rape on my worst enemy.

  • Anastacia M by Anastacia M
  • 6 years ago

When I was 16 I was raped by one of my closest friends. He lied about it when I finally got the courage to speak up. Although it eventually brought about awareness, people still tell me that it was my fault. That I was asking for it. I was wearing leggings and a sweatshirt watching a movie. It is never the victim's fault, and when victim's finally speak up, we're shut down again.

  • Broken by Broken
  • 6 years ago

I don't know how to put this, but I was molested when I was six years old. The person that I trusted was the one who betrayed me. My sister's caretaker told me that it was a game we were playing. She touched me several times in the period of months. It didn't hit me till I turned 12 that something had happened. I tried to justify that no, it was not molestation; it was just a game, but no. In recent years it has been eating me alive. It's not that I want to die, but it's just a feeling that I can't describe. Nobody knows about it except me, but every time I think about it...the more it kills me.

  • GylfiePennyDoll by GylfiePennyDoll
  • 6 years ago

I feel your pain. Something similar happened to me when I was 11...and when I realized (a year later) what happened, it tore me apart. Luckily, I was able to live on and even met the most amazing person during my struggle. I promise if you just don't think about it too much, or you write about it, you'll get through. As long as the sun rises, you'll get through.

  • Anna B. Cargill by Anna B. Cargill
  • 6 years ago

I'm a young poet. At the age of 11 I was sexually molested by my driver. It was almost 10 pm and very dark. Your poem has brought back memories of that night. I was so depressed. I didn't talk to anyone. I just pretend nothing happened, but deep down I was hurt. I attempted to take my life several times, but at the very last moment someone was always there to stop me. I can't tell you that I feel your pain since I managed to escape that fate, but I know it's not easy to overcome. Please continue writing.

  • Renee Chapman by Renee Chapman
  • 6 years ago

How are you dealing with it? I am 34 years old, and it started when I was 6 and continued until I was 11 years old. No matter what threats they make, you get away from them and tell someone who can help, please.

  • Jo by Jo
  • 7 years ago

Relatable. All of it. One thing I learned yesterday, though and have yet to get used to...you didn't allow it to happen because permission has little and/or nothing to do with verbalizing a "yes" or a "no." If you were asked, "Do you want this to happen? Do you want to be violated?" surely the answer would have been a resounding "no." With that said, I hope the author and anyone else believe they, as the author put it, didn't "succumb to it" - it terribly happened.

  • Jenaya A. Bell by Jenaya A. Bell
  • 7 years ago

I feel like I've lived that. The way you described it brought back memories that I kept buried. This is so touching and has managed to bring tears to my eyes. You hid your pain, so did I. I kept it bottled up and no one would expect me to ever say that. Your poem has touched me in so many ways that I applaud you.

  • Ninja_zombie by Ninja_zombie, Australia
  • 7 years ago

That was an amazing poem, it actually made me cry. Keep writing! What happened to you was terrible and no one should suffer that. Though I hope your future is much better.

  • Tanya Titarenko by Tanya Titarenko
  • 7 years ago

Wow. As a reader I could never feel your pain! But your poem made me feel some sort of pain. I know it's not the same as you had but yet, I loved it! Please, I am begging you, continue writing! Especially if it helps you to release some of your pain.

  • Sibongile by Sibongile
  • 8 years ago

Wow, reading through this poem made me feel the pain you went through even though I myself have never been raped but I relived some of the days when an old man would look at me with lust and made me hold their filthy things when I was young. This made me grow up wanting to just give my body to any guy I met even if it was our first meeting. But as I allowed God into my life, my self worth came back just in time before I could do something I would regret for my whole entire life.

  • Chelsey King by Chelsey King
  • 8 years ago

I have been molested and raped as a kid. It started when I was nine years old until I was 17. Every day straight with every guy my mom has been with. My mom was with a different guys every night. I have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused by family and strangers. My whole thinking process is so messed up. I feel like no one understands me. I feel abandoned all the time.

  • GylfiePennyDoll by GylfiePennyDoll
  • 6 years ago

No one fully understands others. We all have a part of ourselves no one will ever understand except for us. It's cheesy to say this, but keep going. Live on, and you'll get through. Nothing lasts forever, believe me. As a person who has gone through a portion of life with a broken mind, trying to act normal, I understand where you're coming from. My friends made dirty jokes, and they made me want to scream. I didn't want to tell them to stop because I didn't want to be bossy. Just as I was about to reach the breaking point, I met someone...my best friend in the entire world. She helped me by making me genuinely smile.

Not everyone gets to meet someone like that, and for those who don't, I have one piece of advice: smile and laugh. Find anything to make yourself happy. Good stuff though, not anything like self-harm or violence towards others.

  • Aniya R. by Aniya R.
  • 8 years ago

I'm a young poet who's constantly searching for inspiration and your story gave me just that.

  • Rachel Ajayi by Rachel Ajayi
  • 9 years ago

Hi my is _ and I'm 14. When I was around 11 I had depression. I used to cry myself to sleep and try to make myself escape reality. I was a normal child you could never look at me and think I had depression. It got so bad that one day I started to think about suicide. I had written my note and was ready to end my life. Then I went to a friend's house to see her. We watched a film and I really liked it so I went home and googled similar films. From then on I've been obsessed with films and tv shows.
This isn't a usual depression recovery story but watching films did help me as it made me forget all my problem even if only for an hour and a half . It has helped a lot.

  • Rose Bishop by Rose Bishop
  • 8 years ago

I'm very happy to hear that you have found something to ease your mind. I to go through it and I know it's not easy but I also have been put on different Meds to help me. You truly can get help for yourself and try and live a somewhat normal life. May GOD BLESS YOU

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