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Poem About Overcoming Addiction

This poem was written after I got clean from a 4 year heroin addiction. I based it off a letter addressed Dear Heroin, that I wrote while incarcerated at 20-years-old for a drug offense. When I stumbled across the letter shortly after getting sober, it brought back so many negative and painful memories, however, it also made me feel so proud for the things I have accomplished and overcome...things that at one point seemed impossible. Recovery is possible, and it's up to you to grow your wings.

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I feel your pain! I've just got out of an addiction myself, weed. I hope you're doing fine! This poem touched me, and I can really put myself in your place. I have been drug free for 4 weeks...

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Destined To Fly


Published: April 2015

I remember the day we met
Too young to see the danger
I didn't know the devil you were
That you'd fill me with so much anger

At first you gave me comfort
Numbed me from the pain
But the light you gave me faded
Brought blackness to my veins

Your trap worked as always
I am not the only one to fall
So many friends forever gone now
No one's left to call

Dragged me to rock bottom
Each day a life in hell anew
Felt there was no possibility
Of breaking this dependence on you

Every day I woke
With only you on my mind
Desperate for your love
More desperate for you to die

Through time I saw you were evil
I watched you steal my soul
Each time I tried to get away
You would not let me go

Tried to scream and cry
Eventually accepted my fate
Everyone had tried to warn me
And now it was too late

Family and friends could never understand
Couldn't hear my silent plea
They did not want to see
The sick effect you had on me

You locked me in a cell
You made me freeze at night
Made me deceive those I loved
Made me live in constant fright

Left broken, battered, and bruised
My number of scars grew
Both physical and mental
While the number of wasted years flew

Went through the motions like a zombie
No longer did I see
Any type of future
In this world for me

You erased any shred of hope
When everyone turned their backs
Difficult to escape this dark hole and cope
Impossible to defend against your attacks

I knew no church, no God
YOU, my ultimate power
No way to know real love
I was now a rotted, dead flower

Then one day it happened
Most amazing hope one moment brings
And I decided then and there
That I would grow my wings

No longer will you take from me
Like you have stolen all these years
You will never take my life
No longer will I cry these tears

I will deal with the pain
I will swallow all my pride
I will deal with my life of rubble
I'm prepared for this difficult ride

If it kills me to leave you
Then I will gladly die
Because with you I'm only surviving
And I have been destined to fly

I will soar, laugh, and smile
Will breathe my life once more
I will go back to a time
Before you came knocking at my door

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  • by Andreas Cramer Israelsen
  • 2 months ago

I feel your pain! I've just got out of an addiction myself, weed. I hope you're doing fine! This poem touched me, and I can really put myself in your place. I have been drug free for 4 weeks now and still counting. I don't even wanna go back to that dark place. I found the light and will keep fighting to abstain from it.

  • by Elizabeth Melendez
  • 3 months ago

Beautiful poem. It touched me inside. I'm struggling with and addiction to meth, but I have 72 days clean, and I really hate the fact that I have to pass through all my emotions and memories and pain. It really hurts a lot, but I know I can make it. And now reading this poem made me realize a lot of things that I've been through and a lot of things I'm literally going through right now. Thanks for the poem. You are a genius. Thanks again.

  • by Denise Severn
  • 6 months ago

This is so perfectly written. Thank you. You are so gifted. My brother was a heroin addict, and this really hits home to me.

  • by Patricia A. Fleming, Trenton, NJ
  • 7 months ago

I could have written these words myself, that's how close to home they hit. The story it told, described what my life has been for many years and the feelings expressed came from my own heart and soul as well. Beautifully written. Thank you.

  • by Shabnam, India
  • 7 months ago

Very nice. It touched my heart. It took me to some old memories. Very nice. Keep it up.

  • by David A. Lolley
  • 1 year ago

First of all, I want to thank you for trying to explain our pain, and I thought you did it with great articulation! When reading this poem I knew that you knew the pain both physically and mentally known only by true survivors of this terrible disease. The sad truth I have found though is there are a lot more of us than you could even imagine, way too many. Also, each of us knows at least one, but most many more than that, that will not get to tell their story. It either died with them or their story is entangled in one of ours. But I will not forget their pain and our loss because they were taken from our life. They never got to know hope and how beautiful she can be and the strength she has given to me, that surely was sent by GOD.

  • by Lostlittlesoul, Usa
  • 1 year ago

I cannot believe how in tuned I was to this piece. So amazing to hear someone else's thoughts and such a vivid picture. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  • by Angel
  • 1 year ago

This poem is amazing! I'm in tears. I understand and I don't feel alone. I've never been addicted to drugs but I have been to other things and people and thing brings me comfort.
Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • by Brenda Harrison-Kray
  • 2 years ago

My 24 year old son has been struggling with his addiction to Heroin for 4 years now. I tried tough love - put him in an IOP than sent him away to Nevada to live with his father. He stayed clean till he returned for the funeral of my father. The night we buried him I almost lost my son. I heard him fall to the floor in my bathroom. An RN checked and he had no pulse as I dialed 911. I started CPR on my youngest son. After a shot of Narcan he was back. 3 yrs later in January, tragedy, we lost his uncle/ father figure at 50 in his sleep. 2 months later we lost his cousin who was 24, they grew up like twins! He fell once again, living in his truck, he cries on the phone for 3 months to me until I could afford to bring him back to me. Finally he came to me and begged for help! On Monday he put himself in a no drug residential treatment for 30 + days. I can only pray that the Devil that is Heroin will free him as he prays, thanks so much for writing this it gives so much hope!

  • by Cheryl Martin
  • 2 years ago

This beautiful, yet horrifying poem brought me to tears because it so vividly describes the current life of my 24 year old daughter and her deep descent into her disease of addiction. She has been addicted to heroin for 3+ years, and appears nowhere near the point of surrender and recovery. As a parent, it has been devastating to watch the steady decline in her health, her spirit, her will, and her life. I am active in Al-Anon and hear many stories of recovery, but I am losing hope that recovery will be the end of my daughter's story. Ashley's story exemplifies my daughter's struggle, but ends with the promise of hope; a reminder that change is possible, even when it seems improbable. Thank you Ashley, for sharing your poem of pain, with your beautiful ending of such courage, conviction, and optimism. May God bless and keep you, always.

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