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    Poems by Amory W. Morgan

  • Life Choices

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    • Posted on 05/03/19
    Not Allowing Your Past To Define You

    in Change Poems

    I once thought that my life was just a deal of a very bad hand;
    And bad things happen to good people ; knocking down the ones who can stand.
    I once thought that my addiction was not in my control and just because my heart was pure...I could never damage my soul.
    I thought that I couldn't be loved, that my relationships suffered from me and that I was misunderstood by people to blind to see.

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  • My Daughter's Love

    • Published: April 2017
    Relationship Between An Addict And Her Daughter

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    Through all my good and bad,
    You love me still the same.
    You saw me at my worst,
    Addicted, full of shame.


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    There is so much. My daughter lives with my mom because she was taken 3 times. I won and only failed the 1st drug screen. She was tired of always being scared, so she asked me to please place...

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  • Do You Know?

    • Published: April 2017
    Poem About An Abusive Relationship

    in Relationship Poems

    Do you know how much she loves you?
    Do you know how much she cares?
    Do you know she would do anything for you?
    Hurt you? She wouldn't dare!


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