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    Poems by Angela Gutierrez

  • He Is Too Good To Be True

    • Published: May 2008
    To The Guy Who Stole My Heart

    in First Love Poems

    When I first meet you we were suppose to be friends
    Who would of thought that I would love you in the end?
    We talked and talked for months and months
    Got to know each other in a way that no one would


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    Every time I look into your eyes, you remind me of the ocean - beautiful yet so strong. And every time we say goodbye I feel like I could cry. When you're upset, I always know something's...

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  • A Special Love Between Us

    • Published: March 2008
    Can't Have More Children

    in Daughter Poems

    I was only 18 at the time and didn't know what to do
    I actually had no clue.
    But we decided that we wanted to see you.
    As time went by and you grew inside of me...


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    This poem touched me. It inspires me and makes me cherish my little ones and love them so much. I pray to God to keep them safe and make them greatly happy.

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