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  • A Cry From The Soul

    • Published: May 2011

    in Regret Poems

    Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond my control, causing this deep ache in the bottom of my soul.
    Someone else is pulling the strings, oh to fly, oh for wings.
    Escape, I want to dig my self out, filled with despair, filled with doubt.
    Mute not able to express, this gnawing pain and feeling of relentless distress.

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    Sometimes desiring fancy things in this world can chase your happiness and invite misery in your life. Something died inside of me for not realizing that life is life. If you are not...

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  • The Mask

    • Published: November 2012

    in Metaphor Poems

    I look in the mirror at the beginning of each day, and ask myself what mask should I place on my face today.

    No not the sad one it's too revealing, I don't want to show the world my true feelings.

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    The mask poem is so real. I believe it's with every one on the face of the earth, except a child!

  • Love Forever Lost

    • Published: May 2009

    in Husband Death Poems

    Like A ghost I flitter through the night,
    keeping to the shadows and abhorring the light.

    The night camouflages and no one can see ...

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    I lost my husband of 37 years one month ago. He was such a wonderful husband and father. In the 37 years, we had our ups and downs, but our love was deep and true. He was diagnosed with stage...

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  • Watching The Rain

    • Published: June 2008
    Rain Poem

    in Beauty of Nature Poems

    Rain, glorious, pounding, soaking rain
    How I love to hear your song
    Drowning my world in your torrential downpour
    I sit here and contemplate your frenzy dance moves upon my window panes

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    Wonderful to find,...
    The thought below prompted me to do a search on "Beautiful poems and stories about rain".

    Rain, rain, beautiful rain. Gods nourishment to our mere existence. Yet...

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  • Charlene Valladares
  • 7 years ago

This is for Emily, if their is any consolation I can give you is that is to give yourself time, it takes time. Our love one are never gone if we keep them in our hearts. Write him a letter and pour out your heart. Express everything you feel, be it pain, anger, sadness, love. Cry let your sadness out and above all let yourself grieve. Charlene Valladares

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