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    Poems by Cill

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    • Posted on 09/13/16
    My Poem Is About Domestic Violence

    in Hurting Poems

    He raises his fist to hit her one more time
    It has been this way since becoming his wife
    Afterwards he will apologize
    And try to make it better with bribes

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  • Do Not Cry

    • Published: August 2016
    Friend's Wishes On How To Be Remembered

    in Loss of a Friend Poems

    When I leave this world, please do not cry,
    For I have gone up with the spirits in the sky.
    Do not place flowers by my side,
    For I never got them when I was alive.


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  • Dreams

    • Published: June 2016
    Poem Encouraging You To Keep Dreaming

    in Dream Poems

    The smallest, most simple dream
    Is worth being achieved.
    The smallest grain of faith
    Is actually all it takes.


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