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Poems about Daring to Dream

There are two kinds of dreams. There are dreams that we have while asleep and dreams that we have while we are awake. What is the connection between the two types? Both kinds of dreams are about the yearnings that are held deep inside us. Some of these desires are so secret that we dare not share them even with our closest friends. Those of us that dare to put our dreams down on paper are showing the courage and faith that they will come true.

Poems about Dreams


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  1. Wishful Thinking

    • By Bodie James
    • Published: December 9, 2016
    Wanting The World To Be A Better Place

    I wish for the day when a man is a man,
    when the flaws of another aren't gold in his hand.

    When the bread in his kitchen is ample for meals,

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  3. Dreams

    • By Jane A Beresford
    • Published: April 2, 2017
    The Power Of Sleep And Dreams

    We slip beneath the pillow's spell
    And drift from heaven and into hell
    To lose control of conscious mind
    The secrets of our soul to find.

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  4. Dreams

    Poem About The Magic Of Dreams

    There's a place where I go that no one else knows,
    Where mysteries abound and excitement grows.
    A place out of reach of any man's hands,
    Safely secluded in a far away land

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  6. A Bed Of Clouds

    • By Ashley L. May
    • Published: February 2006
    Life And Dreams Poem

    I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky,
    I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by,
    I think my dreams keep me sane,
    I dream of happiness, a life without pain,

    Life And Dreams Poem, A Bed Of Clouds

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  7. Dreaming

    • By Johnitha Anderson
    • Published: March 2008
    Poem About Living Your Dreams

    Close your eyes and spread your wings.
    Make a wish and dream good dreams.
    Don't ever say, you'll never tell.
    Cause life is short and very frail.

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  8. Dreaming On Paper

    • By Rebecca
    • Published: March 2009

    I don't talk
    my lips part, and air pushes out,
    but the sound must not fit,
    because my thoughts are so big,...

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  10. What If We Were Really True

    • By Leah
    • Published: May 2013
    Poem About Showing What We Think

    What if we were really true
    And said everything we thought
    Could we then stop feeling blue
    Feeling every day that we just fought...

    Poem About Showing What We Think, What If We Were Really True?

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  11. Dreams

    • By Katherine Mclaughlin
    • Published: May 2008
    Dreams Help Me Live Life

    The day seems good until you wake up.
    The world seems welcoming until you enter it.
    When the morning comes, nothing seems good.
    The moment my eyes open and until they are shut

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  12. The Perfect Dream

    Dreaming Of My Crush

    Waves beating on the sand
    There we sit hand in hand
    Waves crash down
    And I wipe away my frown...

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  13. Crystal Stairs

    Journey In Our Life

    Crystal stairs, "Where will you lead,
    offering steps in our time of need...
    a luminous path from here it seems,
    a crystal spiral of lucid dreams?"...

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