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  • I'm A Person Too

    • Published: December 2010
    Poem From Patient To Hospital Staff

    in Aging Poems

    Here I lie in bed again, Awaiting my next meal.
    A worker barges in my room, As if it's no big deal.

    What ever happened to courtesy? Just a little knock.

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    Wow! Beautiful Poem. I needed a poem for my English class. This right here is phenomenal. I volunteer at a hospital, so I work and see a lot of these patients. This poem has reminded me to...

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  • Only A CNA?

    • Published: August 2008
    CNA Poem

    in Work Poems

    Who are you to refer to us
    As "Only" a CNA?

    We're the ones who wash and dress

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    My mom was in a nursing home for 3 yrs. She had lost her legs from above the knee down which made
    it very hard for her. She relied on these girls because she had no choice but they ALL...

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  • Dawn Mazzola
  • 7 years ago

To Jennifer in PA and Barbra...thank you so very much for sharing my poem with others. I have gotten asked for my permission to use my poem in a CNA handbook. What an honor! I don't mind you sharing my poem as long as my Name and copyright is included on the paper. Thank you all for reading as well as enjoying my poems... Dawn Mazzola : )

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  • Dawn Mazzola
  • 8 years ago

I want to thank you all for your feedback/stories!!!

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  • Dawn Mazzola
  • 8 years ago

Your poem was adorable, I read it while at work and it made me laugh. thanks for sharing. Too cute!!

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