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Some look at work as a burden they must shoulder and indeed it is a heavy yoke to bear. To a lucky few, work is a place to express their creative spirit. As we know there are some who cannot find a job to support themselves with honor. It is indeed a privilege to be able to support oneself.

Poems about Retirement


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  1. Only A CNA?

    CNA Poem

    Who are you to refer to us,
    As "Only" a CNA?

    We're the ones who wash and dress,

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    yes it did. so many times CNA's get looked over and this poem said it all. thanks so much for sharing it

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  3. I'm A Person Too

    Poem From Patient To Hospital Staff

    Here I lie in bed again, Awaiting my next meal.
    A worker barges in my room, As if it's no big deal.

    What ever happened to courtesy? Just a little knock.

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    My grandmother had dementia and she didn't respond to anyone.... but me. I was young and we had a connection but one day I heard the nurses talking about how pathetic she was for wetting her...

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  4. Equipment

    Equipment By Edgar A. Guest

    Figure it out for yourself, my lad,
    You've all that the greatest of men have had,
    Two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes,
    And a brain to use if you would be wise.

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  6. What Is A Boss?

    • By Hollie Davis
    • Published: October 2009
    Thank You Poem For A Boss

    A BOSS is someone who comes in early and stays late.
    A BOSS is someone who says the nice things to cheer us up and the bad things to settle us down.
    A BOSS is a janitor who cleans up messes and sweeps them under the rug! No just kidding!
    A BOSS is a coach who stands behind their staff and says, "We are a team" and "There is no I in team!"...

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    I just started a new job, and this poem is all about the Manager/Director of my Dept. in Customer Service.
    He is the man to work for !!
    Kuuuuudoooooos to him !!

  7. Cop's Song

    What I am, what I was, what I will be,
    what will the next bloody thrill be?
    A robber, a cop, a saint, or a whore,
    what will I find when I open your door?

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    Read this and I really don't know what to say but wow. I've been a police officer for almost 12 years now and the words hit how my heart feels sometimes. I've been through a lot of personal...

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  8. I Am An Educator

    • By Jo Eaton
    • Published: July 2012
    Poem From A Teacher

    Give me less and expect more,
    Increase the number of students-unscored
    Yes, increase them to where they sit out the door
    But I'll exceed......

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    I am an educator in a school where the principal would be seen after break running with a meter or so long whip and chasing students back to class. This is effective and teachers take the...

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  10. Lonesome Road

    • By Jason Gee
    • Published: November 2014
    Poem Of A Truck Driver Missing His Family

    As the miles pass by
    I look down at your pictures and want to cry
    When I talk to you on the phone
    All I can think about is coming home...

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  11. Take Me Away

    Poem Yearning For A Break From Work

    For once I don't want a steaming cup of coffee
    and hear the clomp clomp of my boss' high heels
    for once in my life I want to be taken away
    to the rivers and mountains on my four wheels

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    Take me away, was a touching poem. Life seems to be getting too predictable for the poet and he want to get away from it all and find solace in nature's lap. It is okay to do so for a while...

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  12. "Dig! Dig! Dig!"

    • By Kartik Shastry
    • Published: October 2011
    Poem About Hating Your Job

    "Dig! Dig! Dig!" the master says,
    "Dig! Dig! Dig!" while the world revels;
    "Dig! Dig! Dig!" this grave right here,
    "Dig! Dig! Dig!" 'til the end's near;...

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  13. A Piece And Six Please

    Poem About Hard Work

    up down and thru.
    the little boat ploughs thru the blue,
    and you know not the work they do,
    the fishermen of England....

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