Derek S. Weaver

Derek S. Weaver

About Derek S. Weaver

Derek Weaver was born in Jacksonville, Arkansas. He currently lives in Northwest Arkansas. Derek started writing poetry in 2017. His poems mostly consist of romance and seeking love. Derek has also been known to have a dark side to his poetry works. Living through failed marriages and surviving depression with severe anxiety attacks, he has written many poems about those turmoils. Although he hasn’t tried to have any of his dark words published, it still remains a possibility.
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    Poems by Derek S. Weaver

  • The Full Circle (Say You, Say Me)

    When I was 11 years old I met my first love. We were in elementary school and I fell completely in love. She was the same age as I was. As you know, life brings you unexpected surprises. I honestly never thought I'd see her again. We're both 50 now and we recently became reunited after nearly 40 years. This is a poem written about us from childhood, the breakup and life in between until we meet again. This is for you Jennifer Callison. My true love since 1985❤️

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    • Posted 3 days, 21 hours ago

    in Romantic Poems

    I saw her standing across the hall
    Carrying her book tote, leaning against the wall
    Her beautiful eyes glanced my way
    Dancing green emeralds took my breath away

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  • Will You Ever Love Me?

    • Published: April 2018

    in Confused about Love Poems

    When I'm missing you,
    I feel a million miles away.
    I long for your touch.


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  • The Abyss

    • Published: February 2018

    in Confused about Love Poems

    I feel a heaviness on my heart.
    It's a mixture of emotions and feelings.
    The butterflies overtake my chest.
    It only happens when I think of you


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    Reading this poem makes me remember him. My heart honestly and hardly longs for him and it pains me. We talked for days whilst never seeing each other but when we finally met, I felt so, so...

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