Confused about Love Poems

Confused about Love Poems

Poems about Feeling Lost in a Relationship

When we are confused about love we should work to become more self aware. We can then look inwards to find answers. Every experience that we have is encoded in our brains. What is the purpose of filing away all that data? Although we are unaware of it, our subconscious dictates many important life decisions we make including who we choose to love. The subconscious has access to all our memories. Working to bring awareness to memories that are dictating our decisions, will help us make better choices about our relationships.

Poems about Confused Feelings

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  1. How Can You See Through Me?

    Forbidden Love

    How can you see through me
    When you never look my way?
    How do you breathe freely
    When I'm holding mine all day?

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    This is my life right now. I can relate to every word. Same. My husband and I haven't been in a good place for a while now. I don't think love matters at this point. We don't even acknowledge...

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  3. I Wish He Knew

    • By Maddie
    • Published: February 2013
    Secret Crush Poem

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    I wish he could know
    What I'm too scared to show.
    I wish he could see
    Just how much he means to me.

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    Dear Ana,
    My heart goes out to you. I'm considering myself a very romantic person, and with my life's (quite substantial) experience I can safely tell you this: based on what you wrote...

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  4. In The Orchard

    "I thought you loved me." "No, it was only fun."
    "When we stood there, closer than all?" "Well, the harvest moon
    "Was shining and queer in your hair, and it turned my head."
    "That made you?" "Yes." "Just the moon and the light it made

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  6. How Are We?

    Changes In A Relationship

    Please tell me something,
    and do not lie.
    Is something fading
    between you and I?

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    I can surely relate to this poem and these were exactly the words I kept on asking myself before my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. I don't know where things went wrong or where the both of us...

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  7. Tightly Interwoven

    people have told me
    to let you go

    but they don’t

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  8. Go

    But Why Do I Stay?

    Why do I stay when I want to go?
    Is it because I have hope?
    Or maybe it is because I don't want to be alone.

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  10. Will You Ever Love Me?

    Questioning Love

    When I'm missing you,
    I feel a million miles away.
    I long for your touch.

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  11. If I Tell You, Will You?

    The answer lies true in my heart,
    So if I tell you, will you tear it apart?
    Or will you keep it a secret so only you know?
    Will you cover it up so it won't show?

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    I fell in love with a person who doesn't even live on the same side of the world as me - I'm in the States, and they're in Asia. They show their affection by playing with me, teasing,...

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  12. Loving You

    • By Mary Scott
    • Published: July 2011

    I can see the pain in your eyes from the hurt in your heart,
    and I'd really love to fix it, just don't know where to start.
    Every time you let me in a little, you shut me right back out,
    and it makes me wanna scream,

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  13. My Babe

    • By Crystal
    • Published: September 2011
    I'm By Your Side


    Together we may struggle,
    but without you, all I feel is pain.
    Sometimes I may seem confused,
    but there is one thing that will never change.

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    We were in the service and stationed at the same base. I'd seen her at the PX a few times. I knew she was the one I wanted. I learned from one of her friends that she was Catholic. Our...

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