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    Poems by Don Nielsen

  • The Dance

    • Published: December 2016
    Children Having Fun

    in Children Poems

    Bracelets and necklaces, neon so bright;
    Laughing and playing, not a worry in sight.

    Jumping and dancing, the room filled with joy;


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  • Along The Way

    • Published: November 2013

    in Life Long Friend Poems

    Friends you meet along the way
    Are some you want to always stay.
    There are a few who know just when,
    What to say, time and again.


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  • To Them We Owe

    • Published: June 2014
    Poem For Remembrance Day About Sacrifice Of Soldiers

    in Memorial Day Poems

    Happened today, and in the past;
    Sacrifice made, for ours to last.

    Wives to widows, families torn;


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  • Let Peace Begin

    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About War

    in Hope Poems

    Sound of thunder, flash of light;
    Children screaming, the sound of fright.

    The bombs that fall from up above;


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    Some things we can't figure out how to curb. Sometimes still we have to fight for peace.

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