Children Poem

Children Having Fun

A poem I wrote while at my daughter's school dance. I was inspired by watching children have fun.

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The Dance

© more by Don Nielsen

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016 with permission of the Author.

Bracelets and necklaces, neon so bright;
Laughing and playing, not a worry in sight.

Jumping and dancing, the room filled with joy;
Happy are those, each girl and each boy.

Girls chasing boys, they never get caught;
All in the place that they're taught.

Twirling and spinning, smiles will you find;
A room full of energy, each one of a kind.

Parents so proud, reminding them when
They were that age, seven to ten.

Our children we love, the pleasure they bring;
The sound of their voice, hearing them sing.

Hands in the sky, gliding on air;
Finding a friend, fun do they share.

Seeds into flowers, children progress;
The fun that they have, how little they stress.

The way that they play, how soon we forget;
The fun to be had, if only we let.

Lessons to learn from those that we teach;
The sound that it makes when they all screech.

Moments in time, they pass all too quick;
Memories like these are certain to stick.

The smiles on their face, something to see;
Nothing in life so good and so free.

When you are asked and do get a chance,
Never turn down an offer to dance.


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