Memorial Day Poems

Poems for Memorial Day

Memorial Day has come to mean the beginning of summer, a time for picnics and barbecues, and a holiday to gather around the family. That happiness and freedom, however, is a product of the real cause for the holiday: the sacrifice made by men and women who have fought and died for the freedoms and liberties Americans hold dear. Memorial Day is a time to remember that the American way of life is not cheap but rather has been purchased by the lives and blood of so many who have sacrificed for us to live free and happily now.


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  1. A Mother's Tear

    Poem About How War Changes Someone

    There's more to the story,
    than what just appears.
    A war written story,
    from blood and from tears....

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    Definitely it has touched my heart. Not mine, but on each reader's minds, this poem has created a very emotional ache. It is about freedom, fight, love and pain. And this poem describes...

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  3. Like Father Like Son

    • By Douglas Mcguire
    • Published: December 2008
    Poem About Father And Son Serving Country

    Tyler James was just a baby when his daddy died in Nam.
    He was raised by a sister and a hard working mom.
    He was raised to love his country, and every time he saw the flag.
    He thought of his father, and how he gave all that he had....

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  4. Remember

    • By Victor C. Kleinschmit
    • Published: May 2016
    Remembering Fallen Soldiers

    Someone's child, left long ago,
    A strange land,
    Someone's foe.

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  6. To The Vietnam War...

    • By Anna
    • Published: December 2010
    Poem About Emotions Felt Fighting A War

    Vietnam War

    Setting off to Vietnam
    Feeling proud, feeling strong...

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    I was totally moved by this poem.....I married August 28, 1966 and my 1st husband of 4 months left for Vietnam December 26, 1966 which was my last time I saw him. I became a widow on...

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  7. We Honor You Today

    • By Susan R. Smith
    • Published: May 26, 2017

    To all of our veterans
    Far and near,
    We thank you for your service
    For all those years.

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  8. To Them We Owe

    Poem About Sacrifice Of Those Fighting For Freedom

    Happened today, and in the past;
    Sacrifice made, for ours to last.

    Wives to widows, families torn;...

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  10. Do We Remember?

    • By Bernard Via
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Those Who Fought In Vietnam

    In a bush, in a jungle, a man child hides
    Hoping not to die
    To his mother he cries
    Quiet and still he lies...

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  11. On This Memorial Day

    • By Emily Toma
    • Published: June 2014
    Short Memorial Day Poem


    Remember those who served before.
    Remember those who are no more.
    Remember those who serve today.
    Remember them as we eat and play....

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  12. Somewhere Out There

    • By Dr. Bill McDonald
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Those Fighting For Freedom


    Somewhere out there today,
    In a land far, far away.
    A soldier rides patrol,
    Knowing not what may unfold....

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  13. Everyone Calls Me A Hero

    • By Katy Beal
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Difficulty Returning Home After War

    What do I hear?
    What do I see?
    Men crying, begging.
    Bodies? Thousands....

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    Hi, I'm Jerrie, the title caught my attention so I thought I'd read the rest.... I'm a United States soldier in Afghanistan and I feel right to the core where this is coming from....

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