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I discovered my intense love for the literary arts at an early age. I would constantly fill composition books left and right with progressively more detailed and colorful poetry and short stories. A sudden brush with Death’s cold grip and a Traumatic Brain Injury set me back a good ways, but therapy and dedication keep me moving forward. I grew madly in love with photography and editing during my rehabilitation. Colors and the most ordinary and mundane things turned into potential masterpieces. Now I’m getting back into my creative writing and I am excited to see where it leads me.

    Poems by Murchadha

  • What Motivates You?

    • Published: January 2020

    in Creative Poems

    Though my passion for poetry may be stronger than steel,
    It symbolizes a vulnerable extension of me I don't usually reveal.
    Read with care while you dissect every rhyme.
    My existence is dependent on every poetic line.


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  • The Girl Who Wished For A Time Machine

    • Published: December 2019

    in Moving On Poems

    These teardrops beside me flow,
    From a quiet, happy, thankful soul.
    The years taking their expensive toll,
    Her beautiful smile a grand seed to sow.


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