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Lose Yourself In Your Craft

This poem isn't for everyone. I went through a rough period and lost all motivation to write. But one day, as I was looking at the waters by my house, I found that I never quit poetry...I just wasn't writing it down.

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What Motivates You?

Jordan A Murphy © more by Jordan A Murphy

Published: January 24, 2020

Though my passion for poetry may be stronger than steel,
It symbolizes a vulnerable extension of me I don't usually reveal.
Read with care while you dissect every rhyme.
My existence is dependent on every poetic line.

Emerson, Cummings, and Whitman inspire.
Nothing new, nothing old, save a poet's desire,
Crafting lines to ease the troubles that hinder his mental health.
Like many poetical geniuses before me, I write solely for myself.

Originality is the bane of every creative mind.
Artistic endeavors get more difficult with the passing of time.
We struggle tirelessly to be unique yet relevant,
For something truly amazing and irreverent.

Must every creative mind experience this pitfall?
Delusion and confusion upsetting us all,
Fighting fabricated wars we made real in our mind.
Perhaps all artists inherit the curse in their own time.

The enemy of the creative process is doubt and regrets.
Therefore, release the sorrows and the pain that upsets.
Walking the line of the living and the deceased,
I find my inspirations and creativity increased.


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