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    Poems by James Clark Jr


    It is about a stranger that shows up at my door and I know not who he was but I invited him in.

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    • Posted on 12/24/19

    in God Poems

    A Stranger
    He stood outside my doorway
    No shoes upon his feet
    His clothes all tattered and torn

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  • God Stands Guard Tonight

    • Published: December 2019

    in Christmas Poems

    As the snow fell and the wind blew cold,
    Set an American Soldier with just a rifle to hold.
    His eyes would scan the mountainsides,
    And there were times that he would cry,


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  • The Last Letter

    • Published: October 2012

    in Spiritual Poems about Death

    A tear ran down her cheek
    As she read the words he wrote
    His dad sat at the table
    With a lump in his throat


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