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Poems about Afterlife

Death is life's greatest mystery. What happens when our soul leaves our body is the most important question in the world. The answer will affect how we live our lives. The world is plagued with the question of what comes after this. When we are faced with the death of a friend or relative, we are stunned with grief. We don't understand, he was here and now he's not, where did he go? Where does the spirit go? The truth is that our soul knows of its eternal nature. If we ask our souls this question in a real way, we will find that we know that we are made from the stuff of eternity.

Poems about Heaven


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  1. If You See My Dad In Heaven

    Memorial Poem For Dad

    If you see my dad in Heaven
    He won't be hard to find.
    He'll be the one to greet you first,
    For he's a one-of-a-kind.

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    I've been searching for a poem that would speak to me, and this one did it. I started to cry the moment I began to read it because it describes my stepdad so well who also passed away in...

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  3. To Our Ellis

    • By Pamela A. Snow
    • Published: February 2006
    Mother Explains Heaven To Her Dying Son

    How does a loving mother explain
    Heaven to her dying child?
    Please give me the words, O Lord, and
    let me say them with a smile...

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    This is the most heartfelt, beautifully written, and touching piece of literature I have ever read and best poem I have ever come across and I have read thousands and thousands. Your words...

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  4. You Are Never Alone

    Life After Death

    I open my eyes to a light so bright...
    Where I'm surrounded by colours, an amazing sight,
    And a beautiful Angel holds me in her arms.
    I feel safe and happy, contented and calm.

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    Since writing this poem, my darling daughter has sadly taken her life. This poem was read at her funeral on July 16th 2019, on what would have been her 45th birthday. It will always be...

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  6. If You See My Mom In Heaven

    Poem About Mom In Heaven

    If you see my mom in heaven,
    She won't be hard to find.
    She's God's masterpiece of

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  7. Angel In Disguise

    • By Jennifer Rasmussen
    • Published: February 2006
    Poems About Mothers Being Hidden Angels

    The other day I met an angel
    And when I looked into her eyes
    I saw a love to pierce the darkness
    I saw that hate she truly despised

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    Oh how I love this poem! Its beautiful and true.

  8. A Trip To Heaven

    I took a trip to heaven
    But only in my mind
    I wanted to know what it's like
    To leave all you love behind.

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    Worthy son has written the poem for his worthy father. The love and affection of the son for his father will remain and shine in the poem and never get faded. This is called true love...

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  10. How Can I Say Goodbye?

    I Love And Miss You Mom

    Mom, it's been over a year now since
    God and His angels called you away.
    Oh, how the angels rejoiced as you walked
    Through those pearly gates that day!

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    I also lost my mother last February 7, 2017. She died from colon cancer. When she was at the hospital I was always thinking what life would be like without a mother. I’ll always remember the...

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  11. Happy Heavenly Birthday

    My Dad's Birthday

    No presents bought, no candles blown; this year you walk on streets of gold,
    And it's so much more than the stories you've been told.

    The sun is shining on your face,

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  12. Eternal Tomorrows

    Questions On Life And Death

    Life is full of joy and sorrow,
    past, present, and tomorrow.

    Knowing life as I do now,

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  13. Birthdays In Heaven

    First Birthday For Deceased Adult Child

    There are no birthdays in heaven,
    For time has no meaning there.
    Today is the future as well as the past.
    A day is the same as a year.

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