Christmas Poem

Soldiers Being Away At Christmas

I am a patriotic person and love our military. And when the holidays roll around, I become saddened thinking of our soldiers who can't be home.

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God Stands Guard Tonight

James Clark Jr © more by James Clark Jr

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2019 with permission of the Author.

As the snow fell and the wind blew cold,
Set an American Soldier with just a rifle to hold.
His eyes would scan the mountainsides,
And there were times that he would cry,
For he knew what tomorrow was and where he would be
As his family gathered around the lighted tree.
For tomorrow was Christmas all through the land
As he set in the snow this time and not in the sand.
Several tours of duty, he has had to do.
So, we would be safe, I mean me and you.
Ah, he is a soldier.
His troops do not see him cry,
For when they are around, he holds it all inside.
And as the snow fell from the cold night sky,
A voice this soldier heard.
The voice said, "Don't worry son, everything is good,"
As he went back to his hut
And sat there on his bed
With the thought of Christmas, still wandering through his head.
The thought of little smiling faces
Filled with joy as they unwrapped the gifts that Santa left, before he was deployed.
Then the voice came back to him
And said, "Thank you for your service and all that you have done.
Sleep good tonight, Soldier.
These mountains tonight, you will not trod,
For I am standing guard tonight," said the voice of God.
"I am here to watch over each one of you
And to keep each of you safe
So that next year at Christmas, you're not in these places.
For you will be with your loved ones, with smiles upon your faces.
So, rest tonight my soldiers.
Back home, everyone is fine,
For they are under our watch.
I mean yours and mine."
So as the soldiers drifted off to sleep, not a one of them wept,
For God stood guard on Christmas Eve and peace that night he kept.
So, as you celebrate Christmas,
Keep our troops in mind and say a prayer for all of them,
That they will be just fine.
Remember them as you've gathered around your Christmas tree,
That they would love to be home with their families.


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