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James T. Atkins

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I hope you enjoy my poems,I'll add more,when time allows.
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    Poems by James T. Atkins

  • Invisibility

    • Published: November 2019
    Lonely Elderly People Feeling Unseen

    in Aging Poems

    As a child, I recall, I used to think the coolest thing to be,
    truly nothing could be more fun than invisibility.

    I could sneak up on my sisters and scare them if I chose.


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  • Being Thankful

    • Published: November 2019
    Thanksgiving Blessings

    in Thanksgiving Poems

    I could list the gifts I'm thankful for and write until next week.
    My health, my eyes, my darling wife, granddaughter's rosy cheeks.

    Treasured friends, that If I called, would say, "I'm on my way."


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