Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving Poems

Poems for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday with wonderful food. It is a time to celebrate that God has given us so much bounty that we can stuff ourselves with food. It is also a time to get together with family, eat delicious food, and in general feel good about ourselves. We loosen our belt buckles a notch, settle into the couch and enjoy a couple of football games. What could be more American than Thanksgiving. It is the American Holiday that is celebrated more than any other.

16 Simple Poems for Giving Thanks

  1. 1. What Should I Be Thankful For?

    I wrote this in honor of Thanksgiving and not thanking God just once a year but every day.

    Being Thankful For All The Little Things In Life

    Now what should I be thankful for?
    Now where do I begin?
    Of course the greatest gift of all -
    My family and my friends.

    But it's also all the little things
    That touch my life each day
    That I sometimes take for granted
    Letting life get in the way.

    Like my comfy bed that keeps me warm
    As I sleep away the night
    And that lovely glowing, smiling sun
    That wakes me with her light.

    Just lying there and taking time
    To hear the world as she awakes.
    The peaceful sounds of early morn
    That nature starts to make.

    The smell of breakfast cooking
    My cat entreating me to rise
    Breathing in the crisp fall air
    And looking up at pillowed skies.

    To be blessed with still another day
    To laugh and love and live.
    To have enough to care for me
    And still have plenty more to give.

    To smell and hear the rainfall
    As it pitter patters from the sky.
    To watch a snowy blizzard roar
    While sitting safe and warm inside.

    To look upon the bluest sea
    As the gulls go soaring by.
    To feel the salt upon my skin
    As I lay beneath the sun to dry.

    I'm so grateful that God still allows
    Another child to be born
    And that He opens up His heavens
    To all those loved ones I mourn.

    I feel blessed by each new moment.
    Another chance to make things right
    And for all good people in this world
    Who love and give with all their might.

    It's important each and every day
    To bring all our thanks to mind.
    It's tragic we're so lost in life
    That we seldom take the time.

    But as for me, I plan to make a change.
    It's a simple change to make.
    To thank God for all my blessings
    Every morning when I wake!

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    I was thinking about writing a verse to family and friends about being thankful for the small things in life. Then I decided to see what had already been written. I came across your poem. It...

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  3. 2. Thanksgiving

    When children grow up and move away, it’s always special when they come back together for the holidays. It’s a chance for them to reminisce on days gone by and reconnect with each other. In this poem, though some family members moved into the city, when they come home, they are able to be who they truly are. This is seen with the use of dialect. Edgar Guest (1881-1959) wrote many poems that reflected the typical American in the first half of the 20th century.

    Gettin’ together to smile an’ rejoice,
    An’ eatin’ an’ laughin’ with folks of your choice;
    An’ kissin’ the girls an’ declarin’ that they
    Are growin’ more beautiful day after day;
    Chattin’ an’ braggin’ a bit with the men,
    Buildin’ the old family circle again;
    Livin’ the wholesome an’ old-fashioned cheer,
    Just for awhile at the end of the year.

    Greetings fly fast as we crowd through the door
    And under the old roof we gather once more
    Just as we did when the youngsters were small;
    Mother’s a little bit grayer, that’s all.
    Father’s a little bit older, but still
    Ready to romp an’ to laugh with a will.
    Here we are back at the table again
    Tellin’ our stories as women an’ men.

    Bowed are our heads for a moment in prayer;
    Oh, but we’re grateful an’ glad to be there.
    Home from the east land an’ home from the west,
    Home with the folks that are dearest an’ best.
    Out of the sham of the cities afar
    We’ve come for a time to be just what we are.
    Here we can talk of ourselves an’ be frank,
    Forgettin’ position an’ station an’ rank.

    Give me the end of the year an’ its fun
    When most of the plannin’ an’ toilin’ is done;
    Bring all the wanderers home to the nest,
    Let me sit down with the ones I love best,
    Hear the old voices still ringin’ with song,
    See the old faces unblemished by wrong,
    See the old table with all of its chairs
    An’ I’ll put soul in my Thanksgivin’ prayers.

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  5. 3. Thanksgiving

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet who lived from 1850-1919. She became known as a poet by those who lived in her home state of Wisconsin before she graduated high school. Although she came from a poor farm family, her mother enjoyed literature and encouraged her love of reading and writing. In this poem, she reminds the reader that if we focus on our worries, that’s all we’ll see, but when we start looking for our blessings (even in the midst of tough moments), we will be filled with joy. This poem is made up of octaves, or eight line stanzas.

    We walk on starry fields of white
    And do not see the daisies;
    For blessings common in our sight
    We rarely offer praises.
    We sigh for some supreme delight
    To crown our lives with splendor,
    And quite ignore our daily store
    Of pleasures sweet and tender.

    Our cares are bold and push their way
    Upon our thought and feeling.
    They hang about us all the day,
    Our time from pleasure stealing.
    So unobtrusive many a joy
    We pass by and forget it,
    But worry strives to own our lives
    And conquers if we let it.

    There's not a day in all the year
    But holds some hidden pleasure,
    And looking back, joys oft appear
    To brim the past's wide measure.
    But blessings are like friends, I hold,
    Who love and labor near us.
    We ought to raise our notes of praise
    While living hearts can hear us.

    Full many a blessing wears the guise
    Of worry or of trouble.
    Farseeing is the soul and wise
    Who knows the mask is double.
    But he who has the faith and strength
    To thank his God for sorrow
    Has found a joy without alloy
    To gladden every morrow.

    We ought to make the moments notes
    Of happy, glad Thanksgiving;
    The hours and days a silent phrase
    Of music we are living.
    And so the theme should swell and grow
    As weeks and months pass o'er us,
    And rise sublime at this good time,
    A grand Thanksgiving chorus.

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  6. 4. Fourth Thursday Of November

    My poem is about special Thanksgiving memories that stay forever engraved in my mind, heart, and soul. Not that these memories are very much different from other people's, only that they are special because these are the memories that have sculpted the way I celebrate this special day with my own family. The person who made this all live on was my very own precious and beautiful mother, Geri, a tiny, sweet, talented, loving woman with the most beautiful smile and amazing dimples! For Mom.

    Thanksgiving Memories

    Ever since I can remember,
    on the fourth Thursday of November,

    long before the crack of dawn,
    early on that frosty morn,

    flurries and leaves in wispy winds,
    as our mother's long day begins.

    Placing pumpkins beside the front door,
    setting the table for twenty or more.

    Into her cozy kitchen she goes,
    creating tradition as only she knows.

    A muffled clanging in our heads
    as we still slumber in our beds.

    Then, as if by some magical spell,
    spicy, sweet scents begin to dispel.

    Aromas in the atmosphere rise,
    waking our senses and opening our eyes.

    Cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg, and sage.
    Stuffing the turkey, she's setting the stage.

    On the stovetop simmering away,
    delicious side dishes are at play.

    Deep dish apple and pumpkin pie
    rest on the windowsill nearby.

    Family and friends begin to arrive.
    Some a bit tired from the drive.

    Children running in and out.
    Happy laughter all about.

    The smell of turkey sweeping the air.
    Thanksgiving time is finally here!

    Out of the oven all golden brown,
    her turkey is our table's crown!

    Dad, with his big wide grin,
    slices the turkey nice and thin.

    Smiling with her dimples so sweet,
    she knows Thanksgiving is complete.

    Now we give thanks to the Lord above
    for this bountiful blessing made with love.

    Many Novembers have come and gone.
    We try to carry her memories on,

    but the one thing we can never replace
    is mom's sweet smiling dimpled face.

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  7. 5. King For A Day

    • By Jo McNally
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2013

    Here is a new slant on your Thanksgiving table.

    Cute Poem About Thanksgiving Meal From Turkey's Viewpoint

    I'm resting here quite regally,
    The feature of the table.
    Surrounded by potatoes that
    I'd taste if I were able.

    My subjects, scrubbed and beaming,
    Circle round the royal platter.
    They seem to be adoring me,
    But something is the matter.

    See me basking in the candlelight,
    My skin so nicely tanned.
    The reason for this treatment,
    I do not understand.

    While I'd love to peck that dish of corn
    And gobble down a berry,
    I find this jolly atmosphere
    To be a trifle scary.

    These human creatures were my friends.
    They filled me up with bread,
    But now I have suspicions that
    They're cannibals instead!

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    This poem is definitely original and unique. I just never would have thought of looking at Thanksgiving from the turkey's point of view. Very cute poem. I really enjoyed it!

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  8. 6. A Thanksgiving Blessing

    I am a Thanksgiving junkie! From the Macy's parade to the last leftovers late at night, I just love it all!

    Joy Of Thanksgiving Season

    It's cold outside, but it's warm in my heart.
    And the gray fall sky is His work of art.
    Laden and low, quiet and still,
    November is welcome, and my eyes drink their fill

    Of brown-gray grass and red-orange leaves,
    Of pavement winding through the strong, stately trees.
    Down the hill, past the barn, past the gate, up the lane,
    The house with bright candles in each window pane.

    Now I step inside; oh, it's warm! Oh, that smell!
    Hot turkey roasting, potatoes done well!
    Sweet, spicy cider, and warm winter wine
    Cranberry sauce - Oh! - the flavors - divine!

    The smiles and hugs are so warm and sweet.
    In this cold gray November, a Thanksgiving treat.
    I do love it all and am so thankful; yes,
    For this lovely season...I am truly blessed.

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    Thank you! SO GLAD you enjoyed it! I think Thanksgiving is so underrated as a holiday, and I tried to put what it means to me into words...glad you appreciated it!!

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  9. 7. Being Thankful

    We take for granted the long list of gifts with which we are all blessed.

    Thanksgiving Blessings

    I could list the gifts I'm thankful for and write until next week.
    My health, my eyes, my darling wife, granddaughter's rosy cheeks.

    Treasured friends, that If I called, would say, "I'm on my way."
    A precious mother, that lucky me, turns eighty-one today.

    Children I'm so proud of, sisters that make me smile,
    little ones that call me Pops; my list could reach for miles.

    A soldier in some foreign place, assuring liberty for me,
    a sunny sky, a frosty morn, a blue-green shimmering sea.

    I'm thankful that in this land I love, we're free to disagree,
    where we aspire to so much more than mediocrity.

    I keep this mental list of gifts and add to it each day,
    like God's unique and precious love, whose patience never sways.

    A similar list, I know you have, so think on that awhile,
    and be thankful, friends, that everyday our gifts outweigh our trials.

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  10. 8. A Prayer Of Thanks

    • By Lenora McWhorter
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2019

    When I count my blessings, I make every day a day of Thanksgiving.

    Having A Thankful Heart

    We give thanks to you, oh God,
    for the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    We give thanks for the price He paid
    so that we could have eternal life.

    We thank you for the sun by day
    and the stars that lights the night.
    For the seasons that never fail to change
    and that darkness gives way to light.

    We thank you, Lord, for daily bread
    and for your mercy and your grace.
    We thank you for the air we breathe
    and the blessings You send by faith.

    We thank you, Lord, for joy and sorrow,
    for our tears and for our smiles.
    We thank you for family and friends
    and all those who are part of our lives.

    We thank you for what you protect us from
    and for the things you bring us through,
    even the dangers we cannot see
    or when we don't know what to do.

    We give you praise, oh Lord, our God,
    and we give thanks for everything.
    For life and health and well being
    and all the good the year will bring.

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    It's indeed a touching poem, it really reminds me and others of the greatness of our Lord in our daily lives, praise be unto God every moment we breathe the priceless breath.... Give that...

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  11. 9. Thanksgiving

    • By Bill Volkov
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2017

    Not much to say about me. I am the summation of all the people who have influenced me. Parents immigrated from the Soviet Union during the Stalin era, to Persia (Iran), and after 16 years (having come to know the then Shaw of Iran who would visit for my grandmother's fresh baked bread), then immigrated to the US through the Tolstoy foundation and got to know Tolstoy's daughter. I was born in east Los Angeles, and as life would have it, lived a familiar life and now am working toward retirement.

    Being Thankful For Simple Things

    The wind pushes down the road, a warm breeze
    just warm enough.
    Thank you for a word...a whisper.
    So many colors surround, leaves falling, carpeting a soft path.
    Thank you for a life of memories, so full and bright.
    A time of transition, neither summer nor winter,
    a time of rest,
    a moment to contemplate.
    Thank you for your patience, at times undeserved.
    A thought, a subtle gesture,
    a warm fire, an ever dimming light,
    a time to gather together.
    Thank you for being summer, and I winter,
    yet we always meet in the fall.

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  12. 10. Sleigh Dream

    • By Greg R. Wright
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2019

    A nostalgic poem about a sleigh ride from the author of Twelve Twisted Tales.

    Nostalgic Sleigh Ride

    Bundled in a horse-drawn sleigh,
    warm and cozy on Thanksgiving Day.
    Happily blushing, we went on our way,
    the children restless, yearning to play.

    Past weathered barns fraught with snow
    and over covered bridges would we go.
    Down a lonely lane, toward the snowy mountain,
    around the pond where skaters bond
    and wishes wait in the old stone fountain,
    past the farmsteads and withered fields,
    the ghosts of bounty that harvest yields.

    Now with our steed strong and staid,
    we made our way through the glade.
    Past the rustic cider mill,
    along the coast and up a hill,
    then onto Main Street, straight on down
    through the quaint, romantic town.
    Toward the chiming, white church steeple,
    past the storefronts curbed with people,
    in the wake of the Pilgrim's boat
    at the stern of Santa's float,
    behind fairytales and candy lands
    as the sidewalks sang with clapping hands
    to the music of the marching bands.

    From the celebration would we emerge
    from the flowery, spangled surge
    to behold a wondrous sight
    a side street sleepy, virgin white.

    Hazy lamplights lit our course
    and into a trot sprang our horse.
    His hooves and harness jingling bells
    as if to the tunes of sweet noels,
    while in the shops from whose windows shone
    a snug inviting yellow tone.
    There flashed the goods that Santa would leave
    under the tree late Christmas Eve.
    The clothes and toys wrapped in bows
    and all the gifts that a stocking stows.

    Now past chimney smoke and picket fences,
    nostalgic aspects that stir the senses
    here old Victorian silhouettes abound.
    Through a dash of snow we smoothly wound,
    the atmosphere around us festive,
    thus within full and restive
    or nestled by the fireplace
    or with their heads bowed in grace.
    Folks enjoyed a simple pace
    while others gleefully strolled about
    amid the maize and wreathes without
    amid a twinkling universe
    of colors snow-clad and diverse.

    To our delight, there soon arose
    a savory ambrosia for the nose
    from tables fragrant fare adrift,
    which gave our souls another lift.

    And so it was with a sigh
    through the scent of pumpkin pie
    that we would fly into a sky
    powdered with pink through leafless limbs
    to a house bright with gold and flowing with hymns.

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  13. 11. Thankful

    • By Mandy Cidlik
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013

    This is what Thanksgiving means to me.

    Short Thanksgiving Poem

    No ghosts or goblins and trick-or-treats,
    No candy or flowers for your sweets.
    No gifts to buy or presents to give,
    Just be THANKFUL for the life that you live.

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    I love this poem. We just all need to be more thankful, more than one day a year.
    Jac Judy A. Campbell

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  14. 12. Butterball Warning

    A poem I wrote for my daughter a few years back.

    Warning The Thanksgiving Turkey

    The farmer is coming
    The table is set
    It's Thanksgiving Day
    I dare to regret
    So run, run, Turkey
    As fast as you can
    Before you end up
    In a baking pan

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  15. 13. Are You Thankful?

    • By Joey F. Gibbs
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    I am an author in my school's literary magazine and one of the prompts was simply to write a poem about Thanksgiving. After seeing online and at an assembly in my school the style and interest of a poem that can be read forwards and backwards, I experimented myself and wrote a poem about the contrasting sides of being thankful vs. not being thankful on Thanksgiving.

    The Contrasting Sides Of Thanksgiving Gratitude

    I'm not thankful for anything
    And never will I proclaim that:
    "I am thankful for every moment."
    Because really
    Who cares about family and friends?
    How can someone say
    Thanksgiving actually means something?
    I have always believed that
    No one cares about your gratitude
    Because it's so untrue that
    Everyone has a reason to be grateful.
    Did you know that
    Even the most impoverished have a reason to be thankful?
    There has to be something because
    We all gather to be happy.
    That is wrong.
    Gathering together in celebration just takes up space.
    It's cynical to think
    People don't deserve to be thanked.
    Time doesn't need to be taken to appreciate everyone and
    There is no way to say that.
    I will always say
    I'm not thankful for anything.

    (Read from bottom to top.)

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    Latest Shared Story

    I love the idea and the concept of this story. It shows that we should never be ungrateful. I especially like the idea of reading it from the bottom to the top. Very well-written.

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  16. 14. Poor Mrs. Peel

    • By Caroline Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2019
    Limerick About Thanksgiving

    There once was an old Mrs. Peel
    Who cooked till her hands could not feel
    A Thanksgiving feast!
    One nap, at least.
    Then she slept right through the meal.

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  17. 15. Thanksgiving

    • By Brooke Applegate
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    I'm a 9th grader who likes to be creative and use my imagination. It's fun for me to write and read poems. My teacher referred me to this website to submit my poem for my end of the year project. I was very excited when I got the assignment. Things like this allow me to use my imagination, which is very enjoyable for me.

    ABC Poem About Thanksgiving Activities

    Apple pie is the
    Best part of Thanksgiving.
    Cooking food all
    Day is fun with my family.
    Even though there is a lot of
    Giving is the most important part.
    In the kitchen is also fun.
    Joining together by the TV for the
    Kickoff of the Thanksgiving football game.
    Loving the game, family, and appetizers before the big
    Neighbors start arriving and new smells arrive with new people.
    Oh, I haven't seen these
    People in forever.
    Quietly praying before we eat, as our heads
    Rise and we
    Start to eat
    Unwinding from being stuffed, we clean up and start
    When we were done, we all watch Charlie Brown.
    X-actly a perfect ending of the day. Next
    Year will be great I drowsily think,
    Zzzzzzz as I peacefully fall asleep.

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    Love this poem about Thanksgiving by Brooke Applegate. She really is "spot on" with her description of what sounds like the perfect family Thanksgiving. She sounds like she is so involved...

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  18. 16. Turkey's Thanksgiving Wish

    • By Eva Adolfo
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013

    I am a teacher. I have been in this profession for 20 years now. My passion is to write short stories and poems. I love reading stories and poems to my students.
    I wrote this poem about a turkey's wish to be spared on Thanksgiving Day.

    If a turkey will make a wish
    It would be a long, long list.
    It will give you all sorts of reasons
    To change that turkey tradition.

    It will wish you change your mind
    Of having a turkey when you dine.
    It will wish you'll crave for seafood
    Or tell you crabs would be good!

    It will wish you have a toothache
    So mashed potato is what you'll pick.
    Or wish that on Thanksgiving Dinner
    Only vegetarians will come together.

    Yet, people come and they insist
    "A turkey dish is just the best!"
    Poor turkey, it will just yell,
    "Oh dear, please take away the
    November in a year!"

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