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    Poems by Jamie Mckenzie Lee

  • Someone New

    • Published: August 2009
    To Feel The Pain

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    Sometimes I cut myself
    Just to feel the pain
    Then I hide my scars
    Because of all the shame...


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    As I read this 5 years later, my heart aches for you. Don't ever say you're stupid for standing up for your mom. That's your mama. Regardless of what he says, she appreciates it. Don't think...

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  • The Fate Of A Single Mother

    • Published: August 2009
    Unexpected Pregnancy Poem

    in Hard Times Poems

    A silly girl
    Loved a stupid boy
    He was her everything
    She was just his toy...


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    I also was a silly girl in love with a stupid boy that lead me to become a single teenage mother. I prayed everyday for 9 months for god to bless me with a baby boy. My mother walked out of...

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