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Every family has hopes and aspirations for their children. Some may long to send their children to college if the parents have not had that opportunity. Others may aspire for a better life in another country. Sometimes there are conflicts between the dreams of the parents and the dreams of their children. Parents may have labored so that their children could have what they consider a better life only to have their children choose other options. This can be heartbreaking for the parents who may think that they have labored in vain, and stressful for the children who have their own dream to live out.


Growing Up Too Fast

Poem About No Longer Being A Little Girl

It seems for the future I am prepared,
but the thought of commitment is getting me scared.
These feelings I feel, they're different, they're new...
being loved and adored is the reason my confidence grew.
I feel like his love is helping me cope,
I'm worried if he leaves me I can't stand on my own.
I'm forgetting my family, the child I used to be...
hurting them by fighting for the one I want to see.
Taking bigger steps every chance I get
is making me worry that I'll look back with regret.
Young by age, matured in the mind...
the little girl they want back is hard to find.



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