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  • Growing Up

    • Published: January 2016
    Make The Best Of What You Have

    in Hard Times Poems

    Life was hard when I was young.
    A dad was just something other kids had.
    It was a struggle for a mom with nine kids.
    Some days were happy and some days were sad.

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  • Missing You

    • Published: May 2011
    Grief And Loneliness After Losing A Spouse

    in Husband Death Poems

    I sit alone now in the darkness of despair.
    I cry my silent tears.
    My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces.
    The silence is deafening to my ears.

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    I just lost my husband May 5, 2018. My life is so empty now. I stay up all night because I just don't want to lay without him there beside me. I'm lost, I'm broken. We were together for 30...

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