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The Joy Of Summertime For Children

After being cooped up in school for so long, children are eager to experience the joys of summer. Freedom has arrived! The cell doors have been unlocked! There is so much fun to pack into three short months. Ready, set, go!

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Summer Fun

© more by Kathy Murphy

Published: July 28, 2019

The warmth of the sun,
Faces all aglow.
It's time for summer fun
As the happy faces show.

Ring around the rosies,
Watermelon rinds,
Imagination soaring
From these perfect little minds.

No more stuffy classrooms,
They're living fancy free.
Summertime is finally here,
They realize joyfully.

Only good things lay ahead.
Fun-filled days galore.
Playgrounds, parks, and sprinklers,
Gathering seashells by the shore.

Building castles in the sand,
Watching waves come rolling in.
Don't forget the sunscreen
For their sensitive skin.

And in the days that follow,
There's much more to be done.
Friends and family gather.
There's fun for everyone.

Games of leapfrog and flying kites,
Even climbing trees.
Mom is always near
To mend the scraped-up knees.

Hopscotch on the driveway.
Hide and seek...YOU'RE IT!
Mother May I, and Red Rover.
Let's socialize a bit.

The ice cream truck is coming
Just around the bend.
The music's getting closer.
Excitement has no end.

Jumping up and down,
Laughter fills the air
As the truck comes into sight.
Children appear from everywhere.

With mile-wide smiles and dancing eyes
And money in their hand,
They rush up happily
To greet the ice cream man.

Once the treat has been consumed
They continue on to play,
Frolicking in the sunshine
On this brilliant summer day.

And when each day has ended,
They'll dream of so much more.
Exciting and wonderful things
Ahead, yet to explore.

Hello summer, we're glad you're here.
Linger on and stay a while.
You're our favorite time of year.
You make these little children smile.

They laugh and sing
And dance and play.
You bring such joy.
Please don't ever go away.



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