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    Poems by Randall Pela

  • Lost Soul

    • Published: April 2009

    in Alone Poems

    You pass me on the street and out eyes briefly meet.
    You hold the door open for me as I enter behind you.
    I say thanks, but you have no idea that my mind is blank.
    In the elevator you crack a joke, I flash a smile, ...


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    We all have loss in our lives. It will never go away! The sooner you accept this, the better you will feel. It is not your fault that this has happened and once you accept the...

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  • Darkness

    • Published: April 2009

    in STOP Suicide Poems

    When darkness falls you can not see the light.
    Your breathe is heavy as sweat drips from your brow
    and blurriness blinds your sight.
    You start to have second thoughts, ...


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