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Poems About Feeling Sad, Alone And Depressed

Being or feeling alone is one of the saddest places to be. You can have all the money in the world but if you don't have anyone to share it with, you have nothing. The need for human companionship is universal. In ancient times, people stuck together because they literally needed each other to survive. In today's world, we tend to spread out and live more isolated lifestyles. In some ways this is a luxury. In other ways we had it better when we lived in close proximity. Humans are creatures of community and need each other for companionship.

Poems About Feeling No One Cares


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  1. Mask

    Poem About My Mask That Always Smiled

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    I was once sad and lonely,
    Having nobody to comfort me,
    So I wore a mask that always smiled,
    To hide my feelings behind a lie.

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    I can really relate to this poem so bad. I'm 12, turning 13. My close friends know me as a jolly person, but they didn't know that when I am not with them I am always in agony. I may have...

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  3. My Mask

    Poem About Hiding The Truth From People

    My smile hides my tears.
    My laugh hides my screams.
    It's been this way for years.
    Things aren't as they seem.

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    This poem really touched me. I've worn a mask since I was just a small kid. I'm fourteen now, and I'm in high school. Things aren't really going better, to be honest. My father sexually...

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  4. Searching For My Soul

    • By D.A.H.
    • Published: January 30, 2017
    Feeling Lost In This World

    In this life
    I once felt hope.
    I sometimes still believe in this,
    but each moment a little less.

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    My heart goes out to all the ones who suffer with depression, anxiety, panic disorders, or any kind of mental illness. Those who have never suffered from this cannot understand and some don't...

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  6. I Wish I Wasn't Alone

    • By Jo
    • Published: June 2011
    Loneliness Hurts Poem

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Once when I was little
    I was happy and carefree.
    I used to run around laughing
    Until it was time for tea.

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    This is awesome. I wish I wasn't alone. I've been away from my family for the last two years.

  7. Lost Soul

    You pass me on the street and out eyes briefly meet.
    You hold the door open for me as I enter behind you.
    I say thanks, but you have no idea that my mind is blank.
    In the elevator you crack a joke, I flash a smile, ...

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    I loved the poem. My dad passed away 4 years back. I am still trying to cope with his loss. He was and is still the closest person to my heart. I feel lost all the time. Initially I used to...

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  8. Be Silent With Me

    • By Brian Terry
    • Published: December 2012

    I walk on a path deep in a forest and the noise of loneliness fills my head.
    I think of all my friends and family that are long since dead.

    I listen to the wind blow through the trees, on my face I can feel the warm summer breeze.

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    My friends know me as a person who makes them smile. If I don't say anything, they question me. It sucks. Behind the laughter or smiles I give people, I am never gonna tell them how I feel....

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  10. And I'm The Girl

    Feeling Lonely Poem

    I'm the girl, who hides behind a smile everyday.
    I'm the girl, who has a tough exterior.
    But that's not who I really am.
    I'm the girl, who has a lot of problems,...

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    All these replies to your poem confuse me. You all feel the same way, so actually you are all not alone. You have each other to share your troubles and each of you understand what each of you...

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  11. A Lonely Star

    • By Mikayela Dzenowski
    • Published: February 2014
    Poem About Loneliness and Depression

    A lonely star
    Sits in the sky
    It starts to flicker
    and begins to cry...

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    The loneliness is getting to me too. The worst part is I was always that friend that helped others in their time of need. But when it's their turn to repay the favor they don't pull through.

  12. Feelings Of Abandonment

    I keep looking for comfort from you
    I sit and wonder if your love is true
    You see me crying
    Inside you have to know I'm dying...

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    I just don't understand why this had to happen to me. I didn't do anything & I wish I was dead or never born. My dad left when I was not even 3. My mom & I moved around a lot & finally my...

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  13. The Nightmare Of Abuse

    • By Terri Edwards-Russell
    • Published: March 2012

    How are you feeling? What's going through your mind?
    Is that dream you're dreaming hurting deep inside?
    You wake up hearing yelling, yelling in your room,
    You wonder who it is then you realize it is you,...

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    It happened to me as a small child from 5 till I was 8 by my great uncle. I never told anyone. Now I'm a mom and 33. I fail at relationships.and don't trust letting my kids with most guys....

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